Friday, October 23, 2015

Troian Bellisario on Spencer’s Bangs

The season 6B five-year time jump on Pretty Little Liars is bringing a lot of changes.  The Liars have new jobs, new relationships and new looks.  Spencer's new hairstyle shocked some PLL fans.  She now has bangs.

PLL Spencer Hastings Bangs
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PLL fans were split over Spencer’s new look.  Fans passionately hated or loved the bangs.  PLL actress Troian Bellisario wondered why people were so emotional over her character’s new look.

“I love that a hairstyle can be so divisive-It's either "luv it!" Or "I hate you b/c u made a change to ur appearance" can hair just be hair?” Troian tweeted.

At New York Comic Con 2015 (see PLL cast photos), Troian explained her reasoning behind the decision to give Spencer bangs.  "It's so funny because when we were talking about taking the characters five years forward, everyone wanted a really, really new look.  I thought, actually, that I would not be affecting the character's look so much. I was like, 'I'm not going to dye my hair a color.' Lucy went lighter, Ashley went longer and Shay kind of stayed the same. For me, I wasn't going to dye my hair a crazy color, because Spencer wouldn't, but she's very classic, so I thought maybe bangs," Troian told

The PLL fan reaction took Troian by surprise.  She wasn’t expecting that fans would hate the new look so much.  "It was the most controversial, weird thing.  I felt like when Keri Russell cut her hair on Felicity. Everybody was like, 'Eww, bangs!' 'Love the bangs!' 'Hate the bangs!' 'Why did you do this?' 'Are the bangs real?' I was like, 'Guys, they're bangs!' So it's really funny."

Troian had expected fans to wonder about Spencer’s new job in Washington, D.C. instead of her hair. “Yeah, it’s so funny when people have seen pictures of me and they’re freaking out about the bangs. I’m like, ‘What about the fact that Spencer is at Capitol Hill right now and working in Washington, D.C.? No one cares about that, they just want us to tell them about the bangs.”

So what do you think of Spencer’s new bangs?  Love them or hate them?

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