Thursday, December 17, 2015

New PLL Season 6 Poster: Another Funeral

Get ready for another PLL death.  All the Liars are wearing sunglasses and looking grown-up in this sexy new PLL season 6 poster.  In the photo, the Liars are carrying a coffin.  (Take a look at the other promotional PLL season 6 poster released earlier).

The poster’s tagline is “Are you strong enough to carry your secrets?”, which hints at the new secrets we expect to see when PLL returns.  From the PLL November special “5 Years Forward”, we know Emily returns to Rosewood with a secret that she doesn’t even share with her friends.  And in the promo video for season 6B, we learn that Aria did something on September 12 that she wants to keep hidden.

Now we finally know that the PLL photo shoot back in October was for this poster.  Check out the behind-the-scenes photos of the girls at the photo shoot for the promotional PLL season 6B poster.

Liking this new poster better than the previously released poster.  What do you think of the photo?  Who do you think is in the casket?  We know that the new Big Bad is motivated by a death.

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