Friday, March 27, 2015

Mona Didn’t Leave the Charles Anagram for the Liars?

Did someone else leave the Charles anagram for the Liars in Mona’s bedroom?  When Spencer told the girls that she figured out the alphabet blocks spelled Charles, Mona didn’t mention leaving them a clue about his name.  It seemed like she was hearing the name Charles for the first time. 

People asked Marlene King about the anagram found in Mona’s mirror.  “Well, we're going to get into that next season because last night, as you watched, it seemed like that was new information to Mona. So she might not have been aware of those anagrams left at her house” Marlene said.

Did “A” leave the anagram for the girls to find?  Or did Andrew leave it as a clue for the Liars?  Andrew was watching Mona’s house while the Liars were searching it.

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