Thursday, March 26, 2015

Did “A” Try to Kill Maya?

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Maya’s sudden death back in season 2 of PLL left us with some unanswered questions.  Maya seemed to know what was going on, but we never really found out exactly what she knew.  Did “A” actually try to kill Maya?

TVLine asked PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick about the significance of Spencer mentioning Maya on the Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse”.  (Spencer called Emily a quitter when they staged their fight to distract “A”.  Spencer said Emily quit the swim team, quit Maya and quit Paige).

Oliver said “I think that’s a word that would make ‘A’ perk up, just as it made you perk up. Given Maya’s history with the series — she was sort of clued in by the end, and possibly had some answers — it was not ‘A’ that killed her, but that doesn’t mean ‘A’ didn’t try.”

Do you think Maya figured out who “A” was before she died?  Or do you think Maya is still alive? 

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