Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ezra and Mike Scenes on PLL Soon?

Will we be getting some Ezra and Mike scenes on Pretty Little Liars?  When PLL writer Joseph Dougherty was asked about Ezra/Mike scenes, Joseph tweeted “I’m thinking yes”.

Ezra (Aria’s boyfriend) and Mike (Aria’s little brother) have a complicated history.  When Ezra told the Montgomery family that he was in love with Aria, Mike responded by punching him.  However, Ezra stopped Mike from getting expelled when Conner’s car was smashed.  (Conner was the guy who got pissed when Aria rejected him, so he told the lacrosse team that Aria hooked up with him.  He also called her a slut because of her relationship with Ezra).

It would be pretty great to get some Ezra and Mike scenes where they are working together.  Despite their differences, they both care about Aria.  Maybe they’ll team up to fight against “A”?

Do you want to see some Ezra and Mike interaction on Pretty Little Liars?

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