Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keegan Allen Real-Life Sweetheart

Toby melts our hearts on “Pretty Little Liars”, but it’s not just an act.  Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) showed his sweet side by having dinner with 11 year old Grace.

Grace, who is battling cancer, had her wish to become a celebrity come true when Make-A-Wish sent her to the Young Hollywood Awards. 

While in Hollywood, she had lunch with Keegan Allen at Katsuya.

Just one more reason to love Keegan Allen.

Sneak Peek of “March of Crimes” PLL Episode 5x09

What do we know about Pretty Little Liars “March of Crimes”?

  • Jenna’s back at Rosewood High and comes face-to-face with Ali. 
  • Spencer makes a shocking discovery at the eye doctor. 
  • Hanna is pissed at Ali for getting Noel to scare her mother and break into her house. 
  • Ali’s growing lies come to haunt them all as Lt. Tanner continues to dig for answers. 
  • Emily finds surveillance photos of Ali. 
  • Ali says if one of them falls, they all fall and “A” wins.
  • And Spencer, scared by a mystery person, threatens to slit his/her face open.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucy Hale’s “Lie a Little Better” Music Video

Lucy Hale’s new music video “Lie A Little Better” was released yesterday.  “Lie a Little Better” is a song about a crush she had on one of her “Pretty Little Liars” castmates.  The video was filmed at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee when Lucy performed there recently. 

What do you think of Lucy Hale's music video for “Lie a Little Better”?

Recap of “Scream for Me” PLL Episode 5x08

Aria isn’t a very good maid of honor, Hanna gets an unwelcome roommate, Spencer and Emily almost get kicked to death, and Ali manipulates Hanna’s mom.

The Liars are singing Christmas songs in music class while Ali is outside the classroom getting interrogated by Lt. Tanner.  The girls, Aria in particular, is concerned as she watches from inside.  Ali tells Tanner that she hasn’t spoken to Shana, or anyone else, since before she was abducted.  Tanner isn’t buying Ali’s story, since there is no explanation as to why Shana would move to Rosewood if she thought Ali was dead.

When Tanner asks if Ali ever contacted Shana, Ali says she thought the questions were going to be about her mother.  She says the freak who kidnapped her is probably the one who killed her mother.  Tanner says the police have many theories.

Spencer thinks Tanner is questioning Ali at school to make the point that the other Liars are next.  Maybe the cops saw Ali sneaking out of her house.  Emily asks Aria if she told the police about Spencer’s tapes.  Aria pointedly looks at Hanna when she says that she knows how to keep her mouth shut.

Ali joins them and says the questions were all about Shana.  She can’t tell if Tanner knows they were in Philadelphia.  Tanner was trying to trip her up. 
Aria, freaked out, wants to call Ezra and warn him that Tanner will ambush him while he’s having a medical checkup in New York.  He needs to know what Hanna broadcasted in the Brew.

Ali notices that all the ‘A’ notes in her music book are circled in red.  There is a note from “A”: “Glad to see you singing.  Last time you were all choked up.  –A”.  Ali doesn’t know how who did it, since she had her bag with her all morning. 

In the hallway, Emily says Mona might have recruited half the school to torture Ali.  Spencer reminds her that they are all being tortured.  Emily wonders if Sydney can tell them who else was in the Brew when Hanna spilled about New York.

Emily and Spencer approach Hanna just as a beer can falls out of Hanna’s locker.  Spencer wants to know what is going on.  Yesterday Hanna’s blouse was on inside out and her locker smells like Oktoberfest.  Hanna says the beer can is probably Caleb’s.  She doesn’t want to hear their concerns about her drinking issues.  She already has one friend throwing her shade.

Emily asks if Hanna has talked to Aria.  Hanna says that Aria doesn’t want to talk to her.  She already left Aria a message.  Spencer says they heard the message.  It sounded like Hanna was underwater and Caleb was laughing in the background.  Spencer suggests that Hanna talk to Aria again. 
Emily tells Hanna that she needs to apologize to Ali for almost outing Ali’s story to Emily’s mom.  They were there to support Ali, not to throw peanuts at the stage.  Spencer says they will talk more at lunch, but Hanna’s got other plans.

Outside, Aria calls Ezra and tells him that Ali was grilled by Lt. Tanner.  “A” must have tipped Tanner off about New York.  Aria’s got to get the sketchbook back to Big Rhonda, too.

Aria’s mom, Ella, stops by the school to drop off engagement party invitations.  She asks if Aria will be her maid of honor.  Aria is thrilled to be asked.  Ella is relieved and tells Aria that she booked an appointment at the bridal shop for today.  Aria says she can’t make it because she’ll be volunteering at Radley.  Ella asks if another volunteer can cover for her, since it is tricky getting an appointment.  Aria gets a call from Ezra, so she rushes off and tells her mom that they will figure something out.

Emily finds Sydney and thanks her for helping Hanna sober up last night.  She tries to cover what Hanna spilled by telling Sydney that Hanna was totally out of it.  She says Hanna makes stuff up when she’s drunk, like that her grandfather invented the paperclip.  Emily says she got a call from Hanna saying they should go to New York again, even though they’ve never been to New York.  When Emily asks if Hanna invited Sydney, Sydney denies hearing Hanna mention New York at all.

Sydney thinks the real reason Emily is talking to her is because of the Assistant Coach offer.  Emily doesn’t know what Sydney is talking about.  Sydney tells her that the whole swim team voted to make Emily Assistant Coach.  Sydney says that Emily is either an amazing liar or she’s idiot for thinking Emily already knew.  Emily is shocked and isn’t exactly happy with the news.  She’s got so much going on.  Sydney is disappointed that Emily doesn’t want this.

Hanna calls Caleb, wondering why he didn’t meet her for lunch.  Caleb overslept.  He offers to come over now, but Hanna says not to. 

Ali approaches Hanna and offers her a bottle of water.  Hanna apologizes for the other night at Emily’s house.  She knows it was completely not cool for her to act that way.  Ali says that they were all under a lot of pressure, so it’s fine as long as there isn’t something else going on.  Hanna denies being upset with Ali.  Ali says her dad is going out of town and she needs somewhere to crash until he gets back.  She asks if she can stay at Hanna’s house.  Hanna reluctantly agrees to talk to her mom about it.

Spencer and Toby look at the photos of Bethany’s drawings.  Spencer doesn’t understand it.  If Bethany pushed Toby’s mom off the roof at Radley and Ms. DiLaurentis covered it up, then why did Bethany draw Ms. DiLaurentis being skewered by a demon?  Why did Bethany turn on Ms. DiLaurentis and did “A” have something to do with it?  “A” is the only common denominator between Bethany and Ms. DiLaurentis.

Toby can’t put all this behind him.  He wants answers and he’s going to get them from the inside.  Toby drops a bombshell, telling Spencer that he enrolled at the Harrisburg Police Academy.  Spencer is in disbelief that Toby would do that without telling her.  She doesn’t want to support this plan, but Toby is tired of watching the people he loves feel unprotected.  The cops in Rosewood are either bungling or corrupt.  He thinks they need someone in the Rosewood PD who cares and has access to the police records.

At Radley, Aria can’t find Eddie Lamb.  The nurse says yesterday was Eddie’s last day.  Aria asks if he left a forwarding number.  The nurse asks if Aria is there for art therapy finger-painting or to speed date the orderlies.

Aria slips into Big Rhonda’s room to put the sketchbook back under the mattress.  Rhonda shows up unexpectedly.  Aria says she just wanted to look at the book.  She apologizes for invading her space and tries to leave, but Rhonda stops her.  She says she can forget Aria was there, but it will cost her something. 

Hanna comes home to find Ali sitting in her kitchen, telling her sob story to Ms. Marin (Hanna’s mom).  Apparently Ali didn’t wait for Hanna to talk to her mom and just decided to come in and ask Ms. Marin herself. 

Ms. Marin informs Hanna that Ali will be staying with them for a few days until her dad gets back.  She tells Ali to go upstairs and rest while she and Hanna finish cooking dinner.  She gives Ali a luxury bottle of bath salts to help her relax.

Ms. Marin thinks everything that happened to Ali is so upsetting.  Ali has no support system at all.  Ms. Marin used to think Ali was too tough for her own good, but it is good that she was.  Otherwise she wouldn’t have survived at all.  Ms. Marin asks Hanna to make the day bed with clean sheets after dinner.

Hanna, not looking forward to dinner with Ali, says she has plans to help Caleb study for his exit exams.  Annoyed, Hanna tells her mom that she asked a million times to use those bath salts, but her mom never let her.

Aria gives Rhonda a root beer and a snack, the price for Rhonda keeping her silence.  Rhonda asks if Aria was a friend of Bethany’s.  Aria says she never met Bethany, but her body was buried in her friend’s backyard.  Everyone is curious who Bethany was and why she ran away.

Rhonda tells her that everyone thinks about running away, but others had it much worse than Bethany did.  Rhonda never had anyone signing her out to take her to the circus the way Bethany did.  The rich lady with the beige purse was always giving Bethany things.  Aria asks if it was Ms. DiLaurentis.  Bethany says the name was something like that.

Aria asks if Bethany received a layered yellow top.  Rhonda doesn’t remember that, but she does remember the horse Custard.  The rich lady took Bethany to adopt a pony. 

Aria asks why she gave Bethany gifts.  Ms. DiLaurentis was murdered recently and buried next door to where Bethany was buried.  Aria asks if Rhonda knows who could have killed them.  Before Rhonda can answer, the nurse comes in.  She is furious that Aria gave soda to a diabetic patient.  She demands that Aria leave the room.

Hanna tells Caleb that the one person she can’t stand to look at is now wearing her pajamas and drooling on her pillow.  Hanna wants food, but all Caleb brought was a big bottle of whiskey.  Caleb wants to go on a trip with Hanna, far away from Rosewood.  He thinks they both need to change things up.  Hanna rules out Japan because the only sushi she eats is California rolls.  And Myanmar is out of the question because she can’t go to a place that she can’t spell or pronounce.

Hanna is starving, so she goes to the Brew to grab a tuna melt while Caleb waits in the car.  Hanna stares through the window at the Brew.  Zach comes out and says he closed up early.  He offers to make Hanna’s sandwich, anyway. 

Sydney stops by to give Emily a jacket with ‘E. Fields Assistant Coach’ written on it.  Emily says Sydney won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  Sydney admits it is because they are no longer training together.  She wants to make sure Emily will still be in the bleachers.  It sucks being the new kid with no one cheering her on.  Her boyfriend is in college.  Her mom isn’t into swimming and her dad is always traveling for his frozen yogurt business.  She mentions that Emily must have seen one of the frozen yogurt shops when she was in New York.

Emily immediately catches Sydney’s slip.  Sydney covers by saying Emily mentioned she went to New York, but Emily says that was Hanna.  And Sydney had denied Hanna ever mentioned New York that night.  Sydney says her brain is mush from too much time under water.

At the Brew, Zach warns Hanna that he can smell the whiskey on her.  He tells her that he always had a thing for bad girls.  He promises to keep it a secret and asks if she can keep a secret too.  He refuses to take payment for the tuna melt and he rubs Hanna’s back before she leaves.

Aria calls Spencer to tell her everything she learned from Big Rhonda.  Spencer asks if Aria was fired, but Aria wasn’t.  She didn’t kill Rhonda; she just gave her a root beer.  She just didn’t know it needed to be sugar free.  She asks Spencer if they can figure out which stable it was.

At home, Ella is furious at Aria.  Aria completely forgot to meet her mom at the bridal shop.  Ella went through a lot of trouble to change the appointment time.  Ella asks if this is passive resistance.  If Aria doesn’t want her to get married again, then she needs to be open about it. 

Aria assures her mom that she is genuinely happy for her.  She just honestly forgot about the appointment.  Aria’s mom will try to change the time again and Aria promises that she won’t miss it next time.

Hanna and Caleb get drunk.  Hanna wants to go home, but Caleb can’t drive.  Hanna, disturbed by her encounter with Zach, says that her skirt is too short.  Caleb says it’s perfect.  Caleb and Hanna kiss.  Caleb can tell something is bothering Hanna.  Hanna says she is just drunk, tired and wants to go to sleep.

Hanna is a no-show in music class.  Emily thinks Hanna is avoiding Aria.  Spencer says not returning a call is avoiding.  Chasing down a morning muffin with malt liquor is something else.  Spencer thinks someone needs to talk to Caleb.

Emily says Aria found out the name of the stables.  Spencer wants to head over there.  She thinks maybe Ms. DiLaurentis was protecting someone out of fear, rather than love.  Maybe Bethany was the one who hit Ali. 

Hanna comes into class disheveled.  She says she fell asleep in Caleb’s car.  She wonders where everyone else is.  They tell her that class is over already.  Emily tries to pull a stuck krispie treat out of Hanna’s hair.

Spencer asks why Hanna is napping at 10 AM.  Hanna couldn’t sleep since Ali is her new roommate.  She has other stuff going on, too.  Hanna says she had a really weird moment with Emily’s boss, Zach, last night.  He got too friendly by putting his hand on her back for way too long.  Spencer asks if Hanna is sure she is not reading too much into it.  Was she buzzed at the time?

Hanna is furious that Emily and Spencer don’t believe her.  She only told them because a part of her wants to tell Aria. Spencer says that Hanna shouldn’t say all this two days before the engagement party if there is any chance that she misinterpreted Zach’s intentions.  Emily says this is something that you can’t take back once it’s said. 

Ms. Marin storms into Hanna’s room, angry that the school called to report Hanna absent.  She is surprised to find Ali, sitting by the window.  Ali claims to have heard someone last night outside the window, trying to get in.  She couldn’t sleep and in the morning she couldn’t move.  Ms. Marin sees that Ali’s pillow and blanket are in the closet.  Ms. Marin is horrified that Ali was so scared that she slept in the closet.  She decides to take the day off of work so she can stay with Ali.

Emily and Spencer visit the stables to talk to Declan, a guy that teaches riding lessons.  Emily seems terrified around the horse, Zara.  He isn’t interested in teaching beginners and doesn’t seem impressed that Spencer has ridden horses for eight years.  Spencer says their neighbor, Jessica DiLaurentis, used to ride up here.  There was a horse named Custard.

Declan asks if Emily is there on a dare.  She looks like the only horse she’s been around is a stuffed one in a crib.  Spencer says Emily is just shy.  As Declan leads Zara away, Emily backs away from the horse.  Spencer is annoyed that Emily suddenly became mute.

Ali is calming flipping through magazines on Hanna’s bed.  Ms. Marin comes in and says Hanna is going to have dinner with Caleb again.  Ms. Marin wants to take Ali out for dinner.  Ali says she is fine at home, but Ms. Marin says Ali has been inside all day and should go out with her.

Spencer and Emily follow Declan.  Spencer asks if he ever lets people adopt horses.  He says that he has a few times, in special cases.  He asks if the lady they are talking about is the one who came up with the strange girl who wanted to ride the horse in her slippers.  He doesn’t remember names, but he doesn’t think they came back after the bucket incident.

The lady asked the girl to call her Aunt Jessie.  The girl had a meltdown and threw a bucket.  Spencer asks if they were with another blond girl who called the lady ‘mom’.  Declan says a lot of people come to the stables.  He doesn’t take attendance.  He suggests that the girls head out before the storm hits.

Emily wants to know why Spencer asked about Ali.  Ali already said that she never met Bethany.  Spencer points out that Ali says a lot of things that aren’t true.  Spencer just thought it was worth it to ask that simple question.  Emily wants to leave, but Spencer wants to look around some more.

Hanna is eating in her car alone  when Zach jumps in.  Zach makes his intentions clear by giving her his phone number and telling her to hit him up.  Before getting out of the car, he puts his hand on her knee.  Hanna rips the phone number up after he leaves.

Ms. Marin is making dinner reservations for her and Ali when the storm gets worse.  Ms. Marin closes the kitchen window and hears a noise.  She finds the front door slightly open.  Then she sees someone in the kitchen.  Ali comes downstairs and Ms. Marin takes her phone.  The intruder leaves the house.  Ms. Marin and Ali walk past a knife on the floor.  Ms. Marin calls the cops.

Lt. Tanner comes over to get more information.  Ms. Marin says it was a man’s shadow that she saw.  Tanner asks Ali, who is certain it was a man’s shadow.  When Tanner asks why she is certain, Ali says it was big and loud.  Tanner asks her to clarify about it being loud.  Ali says the man’s weight made the floorboards creak.  Tanner points out that Ali said she wasn’t aware of the intruder until she came downstairs.  Then they went to the kitchen.  Are there floorboards in the kitchen?

Ms. Marin is furious with Tanner’s questions.  Tanner says this is just standard police protocol, but Ms. Marin says they are treating the victim like the criminal.  Ali has been through enough.  There is a predator out there and the police have done nothing to catch the psycho.  The police need to find him before he strikes again.

Aria is busy making name cards for the people invited to her mom’s engagement party.  Spencer, Emily, Alison, and Hanna are all invited. 

Hanna knocks on door, drenched from the rain storm.  Aria offers her a towel to dry off.  Hanna knows they aren’t on the best of terms right now, but she has to tell Aria that Zach hit on her.  She thought he was joking at first, but then he got in her car.  He clearly wanted to hook up with her.

Aria, shocked, asked if Hanna kissed him.  Hanna denies that, saying Zach was the one who made a move on her.  Aria, furious at Hanna, says that Hanna is the one who is always the problem.  All the girls are getting ulcers while they try not to say the wrong thing, but Hanna is busy getting hammered in front of Emily’s mom and blabbing to strangers.  Hanna tells Aria that she already said she was sorry.  Aria says Hanna didn’t say anything; “A” was the one who told them what Hanna spilled.  Hanna couldn’t remember anything. 

Aria asks if Hanna invited Zach into her car.  Was she trashed?  She says Hanna can spiral out of control and self destruct, but she isn’t going to let Hanna take her mom down, too.

In the stable, Spencer finds Melissa’s riding helmet.  The initials say M.H. and Spencer recognizes the riding crest where they used to take lessons.  “A” locks the stable door without Spencer and Emily noticing.

Emily is ready to leave, but Spencer wants to check the list again.  Maybe Melissa signed in under a different name.  Emily says maybe under the name Maleficent.  Emily can’t get out of the locked stable.  A horse, spooked by the thunder, kicks Spencer in the eye before they can get out.  Spencer grabs the helmet as they run out.

At home, Spencer puts a wet towel on her red eye.  Toby comes over after receiving Spencer’s message.  He immediately notices that she smells like manure.  Spencer tells him that she went to the stable and found out that Bethany didn’t like bribery.  Melissa may have been at the stables or “A” planted Melissa’s helmet there. 

Spencer tells Toby that they were locked in a stall when a horse went psychotic and almost kicked them to death.  Toby asks if “A” took credit for this.  He’s tired of feeling powerless.  Spencer apologizes for earlier.  If Toby being a cop ends all this, then she says he should study hard and graduate early.  With her parents split up and Melissa being a part of all this, it’s getting so much worse. 

Zach, Ella, and Aria are busy making tissue paper flowers for the engagement party.  Ella teases Zach’s bad flower making skills.  Aria watches them, confused by what Hanna told her.  Zach compliments Aria’s tissue paper flower. Ella says Mike isn’t good at it, so he’s hiding upstairs.  Aria needs a break from the flowers.  Zach suggests they watch a movie.  Aria, not wanting to hang out with Zach, says she’s wants to go to bed.  Ella looks confused, saying they picked the movie because Aria said she wanted to watch it.  Not knowing how to get out of it, Aria agrees to watch with them.

Ali is in her room at home, packing a bag of clothes to take back to Hanna’s house.  Emily is with her, frustrated that Aria isn’t picking up her phone.  Spencer rushes in.  She wants to know why there is a cop car outside.  Ali says the police brought her to get her dad’s number and to pick up some clothes.

Spencer says Hanna’s mom is a basket case.  The intruder really freaked her out.  Spencer can’t believe that their parents are now being physically attacked.  This isn’t the same “A” that broke into lockers and left them nasty notes.

Ali tells them that it wasn’t “A” at all.  It was Noel Kahn.  Ali asked Noel to break into Hanna’s house.  She needed someone that mattered, like Hanna’s mom, to stop questioning her kidnapping story.

Spencer is horrified that Ali would do something like that.  Ali, not sorry, says “It worked, didn’t it?”

“A” walks past framed photos of Spencer and Ali, and Spencer riding a horse.  “A” caresses a riding helmet.  “A” lifts up the chair cushion and pulls a box out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shay Mitchell Adopts Dog Over the Weekend

You may have already seen some of the adorable pics Shay Mitchell has posted of her dogs Foxy, Honey and Bailey (her mom's dog). Now she has another dog to add to the family, “Angel”.

Shay Mitchell's dog Bailey
Bailey. Credit: Shay Mitchell Instagram

Over the weekend, Shay went to an animal shelter to adopt Angel. Shay encouraged people to do the same, tweeting “Adopted a dog from the shelter today and I could not be more excited! Please spade & neuter your animals everyone and ADOPT!”.

Shay posted a picture of her new dog Angel with the caption “Please welcome my new addition, ‘Angel’ … Couldn’t be more excited and happy that I have a new best friend but I also saved a life. Adopting is always a better choice! There are too many strays that need a good home. Check out your local shelters and maybe you will fall in love too!”.

Shay Mitchell's Adopted Dog Angel
Shay and Angel.  Photo Credit: Shay Mitchell's Instagram

Can’t wait for Shay to share some more pictures of Angel. Maybe a group picture of Foxy, Honey, Bailey and Angel together?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Janel Parrish and Brendan Robinson are BFFs on PLL Set

Janel Parrish and Brendan Robinson
Photo Credit: Brendan Robinson's Instagram

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) played People Magazine’s Chatter game, where she answered 5 questions and gave 1 shameless plug in 60 seconds.
  • Janel’s BFF on the PLL set is Brendan Robinson (Lucas on PLL).
  • Her favorite red carpet was when she attended the Young Hollywood Awards and wore a cool black dress with orange shoes.
  • The first time Janel was on stage, she felt euphoria.  She knew that was where she wanted to be.
  • The song you’ll hear Janel singing on the PLL set is “Lost” by Frank Ocean.  She’s obsessed with him.
  • What does Janel post on her personal Facebook page?  Photos of dogs.
  • What did she shamelessly plug?  “Pretty Little Liars”, of course.  Janel told everyone to watch PLL on Tuesdays at 8 PM.

Love that real life BFFs Janel Parrish and Brendan Robinson are getting lots of scenes together in Mona's Army on “Pretty Little Liars”. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shay Mitchell Scares Ian Harding

Shay Mitchell (Emily on PLL) posted this hilarious video of her scaring Ian Harding (Ezra on PLL) on the set of Pretty Little Liars. Shay wrote “This needs no caption. It’s too easy … @ianmharding #setlife”.

Janel Parrish on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

It’s about time one of the “Pretty Little Liars” cast members ended up on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.  Jimmy Kimmel used part of a Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) interview to get some laughs.

After watching the clip, Janel tweeted “HAHAHAHA @jimmykimmel RUDE in the best possible way and I’m dying of laughter.  Well played”.

What did Janel really say in the interview?  She said that she has a shopping problem.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

See Where Lucy Hale Grew Up in Memphis, Tennessee

Lucy Hale
Photo Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram
Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) has got a new webisode series, “The Road Between With Lucy Hale”.  The series follows Lucy in her hometown Memphis, Tennessee. 

In the first webisode, Lucy shows us the house she grew up in and the school she attended from 1st through 8th grade.  Fun fact?  Lucy was a cheerleader.

Lucy lived in Memphis until she was fifteen.  Then she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career.  The older she gets, the more she finds herself wanting to come back to her hometown.

Lucy started taking voice lessons in Memphis when she was eight years old.  Memphis has a huge fair, which is where Lucy first started performing and singing.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sasha Pieterse Plays “Against the Clock”

Sasha Pieterse talked about “Pretty Little Liars” for People’s Choice “Against the Clock” game.  (Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell have also done this).

Sasha’s favorite PLL character besides her own?
Spencer Hastings.

PLL co-star she sees most often off-set?
That was a hard question for her.  They have reunions, so she’d say all of them.

Craziest “A” theory she’s ever heard?
That Maya (Emily’s first girlfriend) is “A”.

One thing in common with her PLL character Alison DiLaurentis?
Sasha would never go about it the way Ali does, but she does love her friends.

Sasha’s favorite PLL couple?
Toby and Spencer (Same answer that Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell gave.  Spoby seems to be a popular couple among the cast!)

TV show she’d love to guest star on?
“Breaking Bad”, even though it’s no longer on air.

A guest star Sasha would love to have on PLL?
She can’t think of anyone specifically.  So many people.

She unwinds on-set by?

Funniest PLL Cast Member?
Ashley Benson (Hanna on PLL).  Sasha thinks Ashley is insane and loves her.

One item she would steal from Alison’s closet?
Her purses or her shoes.

And Sasha, just like all the other PLL cast members, supports the idea of a PLL movie.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lucy Hale’s “So You Think You Can Dance” Performance

Did you catch Lucy Hale singing “Lie a Little Better” on “So You Think You Can Dance” last night?  Lucy performed on the same stage that she performed on eleven years ago when she was on American Juniors (back then she sang “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me). 

Before the performance, Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) tweeted “Catch this pretty lady @lucyhale singing tonight on @DANCEonFOX 8 pm!!!  Kill it Luce!!”

Lucy responded by tweeting “@JanelParrish you sweet angel thank you!!!!”

In case you missed it, here’s the video of Lucy’s performance on SYTYCD.

Lucy Hale’s music video for “Lie a Little Better” comes out on July 29th.

Sneak Peek of “Scream for Me” PLL Episode 5x08

“A” won’t stop until the Liars break.  Toby is sick of feeling powerless.  Aria is furious at Hanna and tells her that she’s always the problem.  “A” writes a message on a piece of sheet music: “Glad to hear you singing.  Last time you were all choked up. –A”.  Spencer cries as she says it is getting so much worse. And Emily and Spencer are trapped somewhere.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mona and Mike’s Relationship Still Going Strong?

Despite Aria’s dismay, Mona and Aria’s little brother Mike rekindled their relationship at the beginning of season 5.  Looks like the relationship is still going strong.

Janel Parrish (Mona on PLL) posted this photo of her with Cody Christian (Mike on PLL).  She captioned it “Workin today with this muffin @codychristian”.

Janel Parrish and Cody Christian
Photo Credit: Janel Parrish's Instagram

Although Mona is the devil, as Aria puts it, Mike and Mona are kind of cute together.  Mike seems to be the only person Mona genuinely cares about.  Hope she doesn’t break his heart!  Any chance this relationship might bring Aria and Mona closer?

Recap of “The Silence of E. Lamb” PLL Episode 5x07

More dead rats, Ali causes Hanna to self-medicate on booze, Aria almost gets squashed under a mattress, Spencer and Ezra bond, and Hanna drunkenly spills too much info to the wrong person.

Pam Fields, Emily’s mom, is at school for a parent-teacher conference.  Pam sees Ali, Aria, Hanna and Spencer walking down the hall.  She decides to invite Ali over for dinner, spur of the moment.  She invites Emily’s other friends, as well.  Emily is reluctant and mentions that Ali was over at the house the other day.  Pam says she didn’t get the chance to talk to Ali.  She wants Ali to know that she is an adult who is there for her.

In the bathroom, Emily tells her friends about her mom’s dinner party plans.  The girls aren’t enthusiastic about the dinner.  Emily admits that her mom is mainly interested in Ali coming over.  Ali is suspicious.  She knows Emily’s mom is a planner and doesn’t do things spur of the moment.  Annoyed, Hanna tells Ali that Emily’s mom isn’t Mona’s secret ninja.  They don’t have to be suspicious of everyone.  Ali thinks it saves time to suspect everyone.

Aria can’t make the dinner because she’ll be busy at Radley, trying to find out more about Bethany Young’s drawing.  Aria asks if Spencer is still planning to help Ezra move all his research.  Spencer says she’ll try to make the dinner party.  Emily can’t think of a way to convince her mom to put off the dinner.  Ali says they should just get it over with.  Hanna, irritated with Ali making decisions for all of them, says that Ali’s wish is their command.  Ali demands to know what that’s supposed to mean.  Hanna storms off and Spencer and Aria follow.  Ali and Emily are left alone.

Ali asks Emily to walk her home after school.  “A” attacking her at home was really intense.  Ali is concerned that teachers will notice the bruises around her neck.  Emily tries to calm Ali down, reassuring her that the concealer covers most of it.  Ali is wearing a scarf to cover up the marks, too.

Sydney comes out of a bathroom stall.  Apparently, she’s heard everything.  She introduces herself to Ali and compliments her scarf, touching it.

In the hallway, Sydney tells Emily about the dead rat in Paige’s locker.  The swim team heard Paige screaming after practice.  Paige was shaking all over.  She has a thing about rodents.  So far, no one has ’fessed up about the rat.  There will be a team meeting, but Sydney doesn’t think it was a swimmer.  She starts to say everyone loves Paige, but changes her wording to ‘everyone likes Paige’.  Sydney doesn’t think Paige came to school.

Mona approaches them and Emily asks what she knows about the dead rat.  Mona says it is such a creepy thing to do to someone as sweet as Paige.  A dead rat has ‘boy’ written all over it, but she doesn’t know which boy.  Emily notices Mona is holding Noel Kahn’s notes.  Mona says Noel lent her the notes as a favor.

Caleb is reading “Swamp Thing”.  He’s at school to take the exit exams.  He plans to wing the test, but Hanna says the exit exam is like all of high school in one test.  Caleb makes Hanna laugh with a joke.

Out of habit, Hanna grabs some of his fries.  She quickly puts them down, saying she should have asked.  Caleb asks what’s wrong.  She only eats three at a time when something is bothering her.  Is it about Alison?

Hanna tells him about the dinner party they all have to be at, in case Emily’s mom grills Ali.  Caleb wants to know why Ai needs so much “immoral” support.  If Hanna wants to make a break from Ali, she should just do it.  Hanna’s worried things will get messy.  She’s been through her parents’ divorce.  It isn’t just about cutting Ali off.  Hanna doesn’t want to end up in a weird custody battle over her friends.  Caleb says she always has him if she loses her friends.

At Radley, Aria has a run in with Eddie Lamb.  He thinks she looks familiar and asks if she’s volunteered before, but Aria tells him that they never met.

Caleb and Ali are both in the exam room.  Caleb’s taking the exam to get out and Ali’s taking it to get in.  Ali says it’s the same thing, pass/fail and win/lose.  Caleb implies that he doesn’t believe Ali’s kidnapping story.  When Ali says she got out, Caleb reminds her that it was because of the help from her friends.  When Ali says everyone needs someone to depend on, Caleb points out that Ali seems to need a lot of support.  Ali says she doesn’t know what he means.  Caleb doesn’t know her at all.  Caleb just knows her from what she leaves behind, like a tornado.

The patients at Radley are having an art class.  Aria spreads prints out and the patients come to look.  Aria has slipped Bethany Young’s drawing among the prints, hoping a patient might recognize it.  Big Rhonda sees the drawing and calls Aria a thief.  She accuses Aria of stealing her drawing.  The Radley staff dismiss Rhonda’s accusations.  The Radley staff member tells Aria that the police upset Rhonda earlier, questioning her because Bethany Young was her former roommate.

Melissa comes out of the barn with a trash bag.  Melissa got back last night.  Their dad has been living at her apartment.  Melissa came back to talk some sense into their mom.  She asks if someone has been in the barn lately.  Spencer says no one has been there ever since mom fired her sober buddy, Dean.  Melissa says he must have left food out. 

Spencer realizes that their dad wants to sell the house.  Melissa thinks it may be for the best, but Spencer can’t believe they want to get rid of their home.  Melissa says they can talk after she throws out the trash.  Spencer grabs the trash bag, despite Melissa’s protests.  Spencer insists that she wants to do something.  She asks what is in the trash bag and opens it, but quickly drops it after looking inside.  She is horrified to find a dead rat in a rat trap.  Annoyed, Melissa says it is because there was food left out in the barn.  Melissa grabs the dead rat and throws it in the garbage.

Caleb comes by Hanna’s house with beer.  Hanna is furious at him.  Ali left her a pissed off message.  What was Caleb trying to do?  Catch Ali in a lie?  Caleb doesn’t get why Hanna cares.  Hanna wants to dump Ali, anyway.  Hanna tells Caleb that she doesn’t need him to do it for her.

Caleb drinks one of the beers.  He’s celebrating his freedom.  He walked out of the exit exam, realizing that a test doesn’t mean a damn thing in real life.  He thinks Hanna is pissed at him because he can make decisions and she can’t.  Hanna kicks Caleb out of the house.  Caleb leaves one beer behind.

Spencer arrives at Ezra’s apartment.  She is shocked by the amount of spy stuff and research he has.  Ezra is worried about Aria being at Radley by herself.  He wishes he could have talked to Eddie himself.  Spencer doesn’t think Eddie will talk to Ezra, since he’s big on self-preservation.  She says Aria will be fine.  Concerned, Ezra asks Spencer where she parked.  She tells him she parked around the corner.

Spencer suddenly asks Ezra if she can borrow one of his spy cameras.  There is someone she wants to keep an eye on.  After a moment of hesitation, Ezra agrees.

Mona watches as Toby’s house is being rebuilt.  Emily sees Mona and tells her that she’s out of her neighborhood.  Mona says she likes to walk around.  She says things change so quickly.  One day you are someone’s girlfriend, the next day you aren’t.  One day there’s a house, then the next day … poof.  Emily still thinks either Mona or someone on her goon squad put the dead rat in Paige’s locker.  Mona denies making such an amateur move.  She tells Emily to give her love to Ali.

Spencer thanks Ezra for showing up on the roof in New York and saving them all.  Ezra says it is turning into his greatest hit.  Spencer says that what he did for them was impressive.

Ezra admits that writing a book about Alison DiLaurentis’s murder wasn’t what he really wanted to write.  He’d always wanted to write about his family, about how he and his brother dealt with their parents’ divorce.  How his parents changed into who they really are.  He was going to figure out his family’s problems on paper, but he couldn’t do it.  So he tried to write about a mystery he could solve, only he didn’t solve it and probably made things worse.

Spencer knows the feeling.  The cameras she needs are to spy on her sister, Melissa.  Melissa is connected to all of this, but she has to figure out how.  Ezra suggests that they both put down the puzzles and walk away.  Spencer tells him to call her when he figures out how to do that.

Aria is cleaning at Radley when Big Rhonda comes up behind her and touches her hair.  Rhonda wants the drawing Aria ripped out of her book.  Rhonda says Bethany gave her the drawings.  She says that thieves get their hands cut off.  Aria takes the drawing out of her bag and gives it to Rhonda.  She asks why Bethany gave Rhonda all the drawings.  Rhonda becomes agitated, thinking Aria is accusing her of stealing the drawings from Bethany.  She calls Aria a thief again.

Eddie Lamb overhears Rhonda and asks what Aria stole from her.  Rhonda doesn’t give him an answer.  After Eddie and Rhonda leave, Aria texts Emily that she will be late to dinner.  Radley just got interesting.

Emily shows up at Hanna’s house, annoyed that Hanna is trying to bail out of dinner because of cramps.  Spencer has already bailed and Aria is stuck at Radley.  It can’t be only her and Ali at dinner. 

Emily notices the empty beer bottle and asks when Hanna’s mom started drinking beer.  Hanna says her mom washes her hair with it.  Hanna confesses that she’s hit her Ali limit for one day.  Every minute with Ali sucks all the energy out of her.  Hanna says she’s got a bad headache, so she can’t come to the dinner.  Emily says Ali is really nervous about dinner.  Hanna thinks Ali should practice getting her story straight.  Emily insists that Hanna be at dinner.  Hanna asks what is going on between Emily and Ali.  Emily says Ali has been really needy.  Hanna finally agrees to come over.

While Rhonda is in the shower, Aria sneaks into her room to get Bethany’s sketch book.  Rhonda returns to the room sooner than Aria expected, so she has to hide under the bed.  While Aria is under the bed, Rhonda lays on the mattress.  The mattress sinks down and almost squashes Aria.

Emily stands on the porch uncomfortably while her mom and Ali laugh.  Hanna arrives and apologizes for being late.  Emily gives her mom a hand in the kitchen, leaving Hanna and Ali alone.

Ali asks if Hanna talked to Caleb yet.  Hanna assures Ali that Caleb isn’t going to make any trouble.  Ali thinks a boy like Caleb will make trouble without trying.  Hanna trusts Caleb, but Ali makes it clear that she doesn’t.  She tells Hanna that now would be a really bad time to make a mistake. 

Hanna insists Caleb isn’t a mistake.  He is the most unmistaked thing in her life.  Ali says it is hard to keep a clear head when you are kissing someone.  Annoyed, Hanna asks what Ali wants and to keep it simple, since Hanna isn’t very smart.

Ali tells Hanna to cool it.  Make sure she is doing the right thing for everyone.  Hanna asks if Ali is telling her not to see Caleb.  Pushed to the limit, Hanna grabs some booze to have with dinner.

Aria is leaving Radley when she is followed into the parking lot by Eddie Lamb.  Eddie says most volunteers don’t stay this late.  He asks what Aria is looking for.  Aria leaves and Eddie calls Ezra.

At dinner, Emily’s mom tells the girls about the deal she got on the replacement windows for the house.  Since it was the second time, the store gave her a bad luck discount.  Ali says she could use that.  Emily says they all could.  Hanna thinks people make their own luck.  Emily’s mom says sometimes things happen that aren’t anyone’s fault.  Hanna agrees up to a point, like when a meteor falls and hits your car.  However, the walking around is usually someone else’s fault, right Ali?

Emily tries to diffuse the tension by explaining away what Hanna meant, but Hanna says that “Hanna knows what Hanna meant”.  Ali says Hanna may be right about setting yourself up for bad things. 

Ali puts it on heavy, using her excellent lying skills.  Ali says that while being kidnapped, in the dark she would think about what she did to deserve this.  Emily’s mom says Ali can’t blame herself.  Ali says she knows that in the light of day, but in the dark there is no one to blame but yourself.  Ali says she was so ashamed by what happened.  Hanna, annoyed with Ali’s dramatic lying, rolls her eyes.  Ali says the shame was why she asked her friends not to tell anyone when she came back.  Ali knows that must have been hard for her friends.  Emily and Hanna both look uncomfortable during Ali’s performance.

Emily’s mom says that Ali has some special friends.  Ali knows that and grabs Emily’s hand.  Hanna sarcastically says that Ali is the special one.  There is no one in the entire world like Ali.

Hanna coughs after another sip of booze.  Ali offers to help Emily’s mom clear the dishes.  When Emily and Hanna are alone, Emily grabs Hanna’s glass and takes a sip.  Emily is pissed that Hanna is drinking.  Hanna, making a reference to Ali’s lies, says she needed something to wash down all that baloney they had at dinner.

Aria and Spencer flip through Bethany Young’s sketch book.  Spencer says Aria can’t go back to Radley, but Aria thinks she has to.  Maybe Rhonda knows who Bethany’s friends were and if anyone visited her.  They are now one step closer to exposing “A”. 

Aria and Spencer realize the drawing Eddie left Ezra was the last one in the book, so it was the last thing Bethany drew before leaving Radley.  Spencer flips to earlier drawings and is struck by how normal they are, like the kind in an art class.  They flip past a drawing of a horse.

Aria asks how things went with Ezra.  She’s concerned that Spencer may have said something about her.  Spencer asks why she would slip Aria into the conversation.  Aria and Ezra have done enough slipping on their own.

They see a sketch of a woman falling from a building.  Spencer immediately thinks it might be Toby’s mom.  Is Bethany Young the fragile patient that was on the roof the night Toby’s mom died?  There is also a sketch of Ms. DiLaurentis with horns and a sketch of Ms. DiLaurentis with the word ‘Liar’ written all over her.  Spencer knows Ms. DiLaurentis was on the board at Radley and was part of the coverup.  So after leaving Radley Bethany went looking for Ms. DiLaurentis.  Someone, maybe “A”, was waiting for her with a shovel. 

Spencer wants to show Toby the sketches.  Aria tells her to take a picture.  She has to get the sketch book back under the mattress because Big Rhonda really doesn’t like people touching her stuff.

Emily kicks Hanna out, but makes sure Hanna doesn’t try to drive home.  Emily says Hanna isn’t helping, so she’ll lie and say Hanna’s mom called.  Even though Hanna’s drunk, she is seeing things pretty clearly.  Before leaving, Hanna tells Emily that her mom isn’t buying Ali’s story about blaming herself.  She was watching Emily’s mom, and she wasn’t buying any of Ali’s sob story.

Hanna stops by The Brew to grab some coffee.  Sydney introduces herself as Emily’s friend from the swim team.  Hanna says she just had dinner at Emily’s house and she’s heading home.  Sydney can smell the alcohol on Hanna’s breath and suggests that Hanna stay at the Brew a little.  Sydney offers to wait it out with her and split a Panini.  Hanna decides that it might be a good idea to sober up a bit and stays with Sydney.

Melissa is unsuccessful at coaxing her mom to eat.  Spencer says that their mom knows whose side Melissa is on.  Melissa denies being on a side, despite letting their dad stay at her apartment.  What was she suppose to do, send their dad to a hotel just because Spencer is mad at him?  Spencer isn’t mad at their dad.  She is just trying to figure out who he is, who Melissa is and what her mom and her are up against.  Melissa points out that Spencer is on their mom’s side.

Melissa says fighting isn’t helping.  Things are bad enough between their parents.  Parents aren’t supposed to stop loving each other.  Spencer doesn’t think this is about love.  If it were, there wouldn’t be bodies buried in backyards up and down the street.  This is about lies and whispered conversations that stop when someone comes in the room.  This is about what really happened to Ali and what happened to the poor girl that ended up in the ground.

Melissa looks like she’s about to confess something, but she stops herself and says that Spencer is right.  Melissa says that it is still about love.  Sometimes people do things they can’t explain and do things they regret, but it still about love. 

Hanna decides that melted cheese really is the best booze blocker.  Sydney gets her a napkin and seems to intentionally show a newspaper article about the Cavanaugh house explosion.  Sydney asks if Hanna knew the people living there.  Hanna says their friend Toby used to live there with his stepsister Jenna. 
Sydney says Jenna’s name keeps popping up.  People seem to have a lot of beef with Jenna.  Sydney thinks someone thought Jenna’s house would make a good barbeque pit and Hanna replies that she’d love to rake Jenna over the coals.  Hanna then quickly says that’s not true.  The whole time they were fighting someone else’s battle.  Sydney wonders if Hanna wants to make up with Jenna and stop the fighting.  Hanna, still drunk, says that was always a possibility with Shana.  Hanna quickly catches herself and changes the name from Shana to Jenna.  However, Hanna slips up again and says that after New York it was too late.

Emily asks her mom why it was so important for her to have Ali over.  Emily’s mom wanted to see Emily and Ali together.  Her mom realizes that maybe Emily thought of Ali as more than a friend before Ali disappeared.  Emily admits that she did.  Her mom knows a lot has changed while Ali was gone and asks how Emily how she feels now.  Emily says she’s still working on it.

Turns out Hanna isn’t as dumb as people think she is.  Despite being drunk, her belief that Emily’s mom didn’t buy Ali’s story is correct.  Emily’s mom tells Emily that she still have friends on the police force.  She heard that Ali’s kidnapping story has some problems with it.  Her mom knows that she can’t tell Emily’s heart how it should work, but she wants Emily to remember that saving Ali once doesn’t mean she has to keep saving her.

Sydney gets the coffees and offers to take Hanna home.  Hanna tells Sydney she’ll walk home after seeing Caleb come in. 

Caleb sees Hanna and asks if she blew off the dinner.  Hanna tells him that she got kicked out.  Caleb realizes that he probably shouldn’t have given her advice about her friends.  Hanna can handle Alison however she wants to.  Hanna doesn’t want to talk about Ali.

Hanna knows she’s been having a hard time making decisions lately, but so has Caleb.  He’s been on the fence about her every since he came back.  Caleb says that they already talked about this.  Travis is a great guy.  Hanna says Travis isn’t in the picture if Caleb is back in town. 

Hanna asks what Caleb wants, but he doesn’t know.  The time he spent away from Rosewood made him question things.  He’s not the same person he was before.  He’s learned things about his family and the world.  He looks around the room and doesn’t see the same things he used to.  Hanna asks if he sees her.  Caleb says yes.  Hanna thinks they should start there.  She kisses him.

Spencer watches the footage from the camera Ezra set up.  She sees someone walking in the yard.  When she stops the footage and zooms in, she sees that it is Ali.

Emily leaves Paige a message.  She feels responsible, since she believes Mona was behind the dead rat and Emily pushed Paige into the middle of all this.  Emily asks Paige to call her if she needs anything, then asks her to call even if she doesn’t need anything.  Emily almost says she loves Paige, but changes it to ‘I’d love to hear from you’.  After hanging up, Emily gets a S.O.S text from Spencer.

Aria also gets a call from Spencer.  Aria tells Spencer that she’s walking out the door, but she hasn’t talked to Hanna yet.  When Aria opens her door, Ezra is standing there.  He wants to know if Aria saw Eddie Lamb before leaving Radley.  Ezra says Eddie called to set up a meeting with him, but he never showed.

Spencer shows Aria and Emily the video of Ali in her backyard.  Ali is wearing different clothes than what she wore to Emily’s house.  Spencer asks if Ali was acting weird at dinner.  Emily says it is hard to tell.  Ali left early, but that might have been Hanna’s fault.  Emily tells the girls that Hanna was drinking at dinner, in front of her mom.  Emily thinks Hanna won’t show up, since she knows how mad Emily is.  Spencer says Hanna has to come because they need to figure out what Ali’s up to.  Spencer, Aria and Emily all get text messages.

Hanna arrives.  She’s late because she ran into Caleb and they had a few things to talk about.  The girls ask if Hanna got a text from “A”.  Hanna checks her phone, but she doesn’t know what text they are talking about.  Spencer hands over her phone and Hanna reads the “A” message aloud.  “New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town.  Ali’s keeping secrets.  Maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth”.  Spencer asks Hanna to fill them in on what the message means.

“A” uses steam to open a sealed envelope.  Inside is an invitation to Ella (Aria’s mom) and Zach’s engagement party.  “A” takes a photo of the invitation, and then seals the envelope again.  We see that the invitation is addressed to Pam Fields (Emily’s mom).