Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lucy Hale’s Song “Lie a Little Better” is about a PLL Castmate

“I used to have a crush on one of my castmates – and it’s not who you think.  My song ‘Lie a Little Better’ is about that experience” Lucy Hale has told US Weekly.

The lyrics for Lucy’s song “Lie a Little Better” are “The truth is I’m falling to pieces any time that you’re around.  The trouble is the truth keeps slipping out.  Can’t seem to hide what I’m feeling.  Can’t believe what I’m saying out loud.  Truth is there’s no turning back now.  I guess I should have learned how to lie a little better”.

Since she says it’s not about who we would think, that would probably eliminate Ian Harding (Ezra).  Her character has been involved with a few other guys on the show.  Could Ryan Guzman (Jake), Brant Daughtery (Noel), or Drew Van Acker (Ali’s older brother Jason) be the guy she’s singing about? 

Or maybe it’s a guy that her character has never been involved with romantically like Keegan Allen (Toby), Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) or Julian Morris (Wren)?

Regardless of who the song is about, "Lie a Little Better" is a really catchy song.  

Which Pretty Little Liars castmate do you think Lucy Hale is singing about in her song “Lie a Little Better”?


  1. Hmm, Ryan Guzman is pretty hot, so is the one playing Ali's brother! I really want to know who she liked.

    1. I agree, both those guys are hot :) Hope someday Lucy will say who the song is about!