Monday, June 16, 2014

Shay Mitchell Plays the Pretty Little Liars Question Game

Shay Mitchell, Emily on PLL, gave an E! News interview and it was her turn to answers questions about her castmates.

Who is always late to the PLL set?
Shay would say it’s between herself and Ashley Benson, since they are always running late from breakfast.  Shay Mitchell decides that Ashley is the one who is always late.  She also says that Ashley is the biggest prankster on set.

Who is most likely to flirt with a guest star?
Shay wouldn’t call it flirting, but she says that Lucy Hale is very welcoming.  Lucy’s so cute with her “Hey y’all”.  Shay says that Lucy is from Tennessee and Tennessee people are very warm.

Who forgets her lines most often?
Shay mentions that she struggles with her Canadian accent with words like “about” and “house”.  In terms of who forgets lines most often, Shay thinks it might be Lucy Hale. 

If Shay Mitchell could play any other character besides Emily, who would she want it to be?
Shay thinks it would be fun to play Mona, since we don’t know if we can really trust Mona.

Most of Shay Mitchell’s answers were very similar to Troian Bellisario’s answers about their PLL castmates. 

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