Sunday, September 4, 2016

Toby & Yvonne Car Crash Not Caused by A.D./Uber “A”

A.D. is responsible for a lot of pain and suffering, but Uber “A” wasn’t the cause of the Toby and Yvonne car crash that took place at the end of the season 7 summer finale. That car crash was more symbolic than anything else. Will Toby and Yvonne survive the crash? Yvonne’s fate is uncertain, but it seems unlikely that Toby is dead.

PLL showrunner Marlene King was asked if there was something more to the Toby and Yvonne car crash. “There was definitely nothing nefarious going on there. The car crash is just saying nobody really does ever leave Rosewood… it’s really more of a metaphor than anything else” Marlene told Variety.

Will Toby survive the car crash? Marlene loves Toby, so it doesn’t seem like she would kill him off. “People know I love the character of Toby so you can read into that what you want to read into that. He’s one of my favorites on the show. It would be hard for me to make that phone call to him.”

Do you think both Toby and Yvonne will survive that car crash?

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