Saturday, June 14, 2014

Troian Bellisario Spills Gossip on her Castmates: Lucy Hale’s a Flirt and Tyler Blackburn Twerks

Troian Bellisario (Spencer on PLL) stopped by E! news to talk about season five of “Pretty Little Liars” and to play a game answering questions about her castmates. 

Which cast member is always late? 
Troian says that Shay Mitchell can be late, but she’ll have to go with Ashley Benson as the one who is most often late.  Ashley Benson is also the biggest prankster on the set.

Who’s most likely to flirt with a guest star? 
Troian thinks that would be Lucy Hale, mainly due to her southern mentality.  As soon as there’s a beautiful new boy on set, Lucy Hale’s fast to start talking to him.  Troian says that Lucy is naturally a sweet person, so it just comes out as flirtatious. 

Who forgets her lines more often?
Troian says that it’s a mix of all of them because it’s just about getting tongue-tied.   

Whose has the best dance moves?
Troian says that she has the best dance moves.  Of the boys, Tyler Blackburn has the best dance moves.  Nobody can twerk like Tyler.  She didn’t dance during the interview, but you can watch a video of Troian Bellisario, Tyler Blackburn, Keegan Allen and Ashley Benson dancing on the set of PLL. 

Who has the most tattoos?
Janel Parrish has the most tattoos.  She has like 24 tattoos. 

If you could play any other character other than your own, who would it be? 
This season, Troian would probably pick Hanna.  Hanna’s got a lot of fun stuff this season. 

Were you surprised by any of Troian Bellisario's answers?

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