Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inside the PLL Costume Closet: Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily’s Fashion

Ever wish you could dress like Spencer, Aria, Hanna or Emily?  ABC’s “Nightline” got a tour of the Pretty Little Liars costume trailer.

Mandi Line, PLL’s costume designer, showed off an impressive amount of clothing and accessories stored for each PLL character.

Spencer’s wardrobe consists of tons of brown belts.  Preppy, upscale, chic and classic belts.  Spencer’s also a huge vintage girl.  Her wardrobe tends to have a lot of animals prints.  Spencer wears a lot of prints because “Troian, the actress, can pull off prints like nobody else,” according to Mandi Line.

Hanna’s wardrobe is very girlie.  Hanna had tons of accessories, including “every ring you can think of”.  Mandi Line sometimes can’t resist borrowing some of Hanna’s bracelets.  Hanna’s wardrobe is dominated by bright colors and flowers.  Hanna also looks great in form fitting dresses. 

Emily’s style will be more B-Boy for this season.  It’s a little more thug now.  If she’s wearing a dress, it will be a jersey dress.  Emily’s style is a mix of feminine and tomboy.  Her style is sporty.

Aria’s style is dominated by accessories.  Mandi Lane says that Aria’s “accessories weigh more than she does”.  An example of Aria's excessive accessories?  Aria will be talking to Ezra in an intimate scene and Aria’s earrings will be swinging back and forth.  Marlene King, creator of PLL, will tell Mandi that the earrings were a little too much.   

Aria’s outfits have a lot of studs and a lot of the color black.  Mandi says that Aria’s “the kind of girl that can throw everything on at once, and you’re like, ‘How did she do that so awesome?’”  Aria can wear every color and every print and somehow pull it off.

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Do you get any fashion ideas from watching Pretty Little Liars?  Which PLL character’s style do you love the most?

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