Sunday, June 8, 2014

Burning Questions About Season Five of PLL

With the premiere of Pretty Little Liars season five fast approaching, here’s a look back at the burning questions brought up in the finale of season four.

  • Who shot Ezra?  Ezra told the masked person who shot him that he knew who it was.  He got shot before he could say anything else.  So who shot him?  Assuming he survives this, will he remember who he thought it was?  And will Aria forgive him for his lies?

  • What happened to Ali’s mom?  In the final scene of “A is for Answers”, we saw someone dragging Ms. DiLaurentis into a grave and burying her.  Assuming she was murdered, who could have killed her and for what reasons?  To keep her quiet about something?  Or did she confront Ali’s attacker and get killed by the same person?  We know that Ms. DiLaurentis witnessed the attack on Ali and may have been protecting whoever killed her.  Or maybe she was blackmailed or felt threatened?

  • Will CeCe be back?  At the police station, Ms. DiLaurentis and CeCe exchanged a cryptic look before Ms. DiLaurentis ended up dead.  And it looked like CeCe was wearing the clothes that Ms. DiLaurentis had bought (the clothes Hanna found in Ali's room).  Also, Ms. DiLaurentis paid Cece to keep quiet about the fight Spencer had with Ali. Why?  CeCe knows a lot more than she’s letting on.  Hopefully we’ll get some answers from her now that Ali’s back.

  • What is the extent of Noel’s involvement?  Noel is one of the few people who knew Ali was alive and he was helping her out.  Ali said Noel has his own secrets.  What secrets has he been hiding?  And what is his connection to Ali?

Hopefully we'll get some answers on June 10th when PLL "EscApe From New York" episode 5x01 airs.

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