Monday, June 9, 2014

Ali’s Visits to the Pretty Little Liars: Real or Hallucinations?

Over the years, the Pretty Little Liars have all been visited by Ali.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if Ali was really there or if the girls imagined her. 

Marlene King, creator of PLL, has confirmed that Ali’s visit to Hanna in the hospital after Mona hit her with her car was real (episode 1x11 “Moments Later”).  Ali says that she had to see Hanna because she was so scared that Hanna was going to die.

And remember when Ali dragged an unconscious Emily from the barn after “A” trapped her with a running car releasing carbon monoxide in episode 2x12 “Over My Dead Body”?  That was also real.

What about the other times the girls saw Ali?  Aria had a visit from Ali when Meredith went crazy and gave Aria drugged tea in episode 3x16 “Misery Loves Company”.  Since Aria was out of it at that time, did she only imagine Ali there?  That time, Aria asks Ali if she really did blackmail her dad.  Ali tells Aria that she was desperate for the money, but it was just a threat.  She never really called Aria’s mom to tell her about Byron’s affair.  Ali tells Aria not to drink any more of Meredith’s tea.

Spencer has seen Ali a couple of times, too.  In 2x24 “If These Dolls Could Talk”, Spencer gets advice from Ali, which leads Spencer to discover how Ali was corresponding with “A”.  Was that just a dream or was Ali really there?

Spencer also saw Ali at Radley in episode 3x23 “I’m Your Puppet”.  Ali plays a record and dances with Spencer.  Ali tells Spencer where Mona hid things at Radley, leading Spencer to discover Mona’s fake Radley Sanitarium employee badge and a CeCe Drake visitor guest pass authorized by Dr. Wren Kingston.  Was that a hallucination?  Spencer did say that she hadn’t slept in three days.

Now that Ali is heading back to Rosewood, hopefully we’ll get some answers as to how many times Ali actually did return to talk to Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily.

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