Wednesday, November 22, 2017

5 Napping Tips from Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is a busy actress. She spent seven years filming Pretty Little Liars, often on set early in the morning until late at night. During that time, she even released a solo county album titled “Road Between”. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for sleeping. Luckily for Lucy Hale, she’s able to catch some zzz’s anywhere. As a “champion napper", Lucy Hale can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Lucy Hale was happy to share her napping secrets. Suffer from insomnia? Or maybe you just want tips on relaxing and taking a cozy nap? From lavender spray to a fluffy pillow, find out what Lucy Hale’s nap essentials are.

Lucy Hale sleeping napping on set of "Pretty Little Liars"

Lucy Hale has always been a champion napper. Lucy’s mom says that Lucy would sleep through both night and day.

Lucy Hale will take naps wherever and whenever. Besides her bed, obviously, Lucy also sleeps in airplanes and on the ground. She even fell asleep in the bathtub one time.

Here are Lucy Hale’s nap essentials:

1. Lip Balm

Lip balm is a must-have for Lucy Hale’s naps. She cannot fall asleep without moisturized lips (Lucy Hale has mentioned that she loves papaw ointment for her lips. Shay Mitchell likes Vaseline in cocoa butter and rosy lips. Troian Bellisario is a fan of Burts Bees. And Sasha Pieterse likes eos lip balm.)

2. A soft and fluffy pillow
Lucy Hale likes firm pillows, but with a feathered top. Lucy likes her pillows very fluffy.

Love this fluffy Mongolian faux fur pillow available on Amazon.

3. Lavender Spray

Lucy will spritz lavender spray all over her bed. Lavender spray has a soothing smell that helps Lucy fall asleep.

Grab a bottle of relaxing lavender room and body mist on Amazon.

4. Water

Lucy likes to have water nearby in case she wakes up thirsty and parched.

5. A dog

Lucy Hale falls asleep with her adorable dog Elvis. If you don’t have a dog at home (or your dog has no interest taking a nap with you), how about an adorable stuffed dog to snuggle with?

Lucy Hale is typically in good mood. If she starts getting aggravated or irritated, it is probably time for her to take a nap.

Lucy encourages people to “embrace the nap”. You can’t care if anyone is watching you. Just dive in and go for it. As Lucy Hale says, anytime is nap time.

Love Lucy Hale’s napping secrets. Lavender is a great relaxing scent. And in the fall and winter, nothing’s better than taking a cozy nap with a fluffy pillow. If you have trouble falling asleep, try Lucy Hale’s napping tips. And comment below with your own tips that help you fall asleep!

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