Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PLL 7x18 Promo: Hanna & Spencer Catch Aria ‘Black Hoodied’

Hanna and Spencer catch Aria red handed (or as Hanna says, black hoodied) in this promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x18 “Choose or Lose”.

Aria shreds the police report she finally got back from A.D. (the one that called Ezra a twisted predator).

This episode will have some Spoby moments. There will also be Ezria and Emison hookups.

Hanna and Spencer catch Aria working for A.D. Hanna rips Aria’s black hoodie off. “We literally caught you black hoodied!” Hanna tells Aria. “We’re done. And I’m out,” Spencer says.

This episode will also have a Liar’s wedding. Do you think Haleb or Ezria get married first? In episode 7x17 Caleb said he doesn't need an elaborate wedding, so maybe it will be a Haleb wedding.

And it looks like A.D. screws over Aria this episode. The police roll up as Aria looks in a car trunk and screams.

“I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do and you’ve given me nothing!” Aria yells at A.D. Aria’s phone blows up in her hand.

Pretty Little Liars “Choose or Lose” will air on Tuesday, June 13 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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