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PLL 7x17 Recap: A Haleb Proposal & Musical Dream Sequence

Another Liar gets engaged in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x17 “Driving Miss Crazy”, which also had a short dream sequence musical number. Aria continues to do A.D.’s bidding, desperate to keep Ezra out of jail. Mona helps the Liars as the police close in. Hanna and Caleb get engaged in the sweetest way ever.

Ezra has thrown himself into wedding planning. He and Aria take dance classes. He’s also got some wedding drama to deal with. His brother and best man, Wes, keeps bothering Ezra with texts. Their mom doesn’t approve of Wes’s girlfriend and doesn’t want her in the wedding photos.

Aria is too distracted to help with the wedding planning. Ezra thinks Aria is worried about the wedding, but all Aria can think about is A.D.’s blackmail. In another video chat, Aria tells A.D. that she can’t keep torturing her friends.

She has to, though. Otherwise, A.D. will release a police report Aria filled out years ago. She never filed the report, but there’s no statue of limitations. In the report, Aria calls Ezra a twisted, conniving predator who exploited her when she was a teenager. Aria presumable wrote that after she found out Ezra was spying on her and her friends to write his book about Alison.
A.D. wants Aria to deliver a present to Spencer. If Aria refuses, Ezra will end up in jail.

Detective Marco Furey shows up at Hanna and Caleb’s place to ask questions about the Radley storage room flood. Witnesses saw both Hanna and Caleb there that night. Marco thinks they caused the flood to destroy evidence. Marco even questioned Hanna’s mom about the flood. Hanna and Caleb deny any involvement, but Marco says that he other evidence, too.

Hanna freaks out and calls her friends. (Alison is in New York visiting her older brother Jason). Hanna wants to play ‘Liar’s Lament’ again before A.D. sends more of Archer Dunhill’s body parts to the cops.

Mona joins the Liars, which pisses off Spencer and Emily. Hanna defends Mona. They need her help and her brilliant mind. Mona is already working on a list of suspects. She thinks A.D. might be Jenna Marshall or Mary Drake.

Spencer tries to kick Mona out. “We don’t need your theories. And there’s no piece on that board that looks like you,” Spencer tells her.

Mona’s not going anywhere, though. “I guess you're forgetting who replaced the shattered windshield once you peeled Dunhill off of it, which makes me an accessory to your crime. And if you think I’m gonna leave my fate in your fumbling hands, you’ve been smoking the drapes,” Mona shoots back.

Caleb runs into Hanna’s mom, Ashley Marin, at the Radley. Ashley is worried that Hanna is in trouble. The police called a meeting with all the Radley support staff, but specifically excluded Caleb. Ashley suspects Caleb caused the flood to protect Hanna and her friends. Caleb’s lying skills are as good as the rest of the Liars. He looks Ashley in the eye and tells her Hanna isn’t in trouble.

Spencer and her parents are busy packing up boxes for their move. Aria stops by to bring takeout food for the Hastings. A super sweet gesture, except Aria is actually undercover doing A.D.’s bidding. Aria uses a cell phone to connect with the speakers in the house. She dumps the cell phone in one of the boxes and quickly leaves.

A recorded phone call Peter Hastings and Mary Drake had six years ago suddenly starts playing on the speakers. In the recording, Mary Drake admits to burying Jessica DiLaurentis’s body in the Hastings backyard. However, Mary accuses Peter and Jessica of plotting to kill her.

Peter starts tearing speakers off the walls, telling Veronica and Spencer not to listen to the delusional ramblings of a sick person. Veronica is ready to call the cops, but Spencer and Peter beg her not to.

Mona has already found A.D. clues to investigate. Mona found the name of the fertility doctor who did Alison’s procedure. Mona set up an appointment with the doctor. If they find out who bankrolled the procedure, then they might know who Emily’s baby’s daddy is. Emily doesn’t want to work with Mona, but she reluctantly agrees to go to the appointment.

So Mona and Emily pretend to be a couple and meet with the doctor. Things go well until Mona says Alison DiLaurentis recommended him. He immediately kicks them out of the office.

Emily is annoyed that they wasted time questioning the doctor, but Mona is already executing the next step in her plan. Mona stole a magazine with the doctor’s home address on it. Now they need to go to his house and look through his mail.

After Spencer’s huge mistake using Archer Dunhill’s credit card at the bar, Hanna starts worrying about her own mistakes. She left her bracelet in the car. And she tossed the shovels in the woods and ran off. So Hanna goes back to find the shovels before the police get them. A park ranger, who thinks Hanna needs help with her car, tells her that they don’t have any shovels. The shovels, which may have been part of a crime, were already confiscated.

Spencer finds the burner phone in the box and calls Aria. It was Spencer’s turn at the game, but she didn’t even know it. The recording blew up her whole family.

Spencer wants to tell her mom about the game, but Aria asks her to wait. Give Mona a chance to figure out who A.D. is. Spencer doesn't have much love for Mona, figuring Mona would rather see them behind bars.

Aria reminds Spencer that Mona saved them before. Besides, telling Veronica about the game might make things worse.

Ezra thinks Aria is having doubts about their relationship. He knows there are things he’s done that can’t be forgiven. He thinks Aria has never forgiven him for taking advantage of her and her friends in order to write his book about Alison.
Ezra wishes he could change the past, but he can’t. All he can say is that he fell in love with Aria. He believes they are stronger as a couple because they weathered those storms. Ezra hugs Aria, but she still can’t tell him the truth.

Marco confronts Spencer outside her home. He just learned Spencer and Caleb used to date. That gives Caleb the motivation to protect Spencer and cause the Radley flood. Marco asks if Spencer was interested in him just because she needed a cop on her side. Spencer threatens to embarrass Marco at the police station with personal details about their relationship. She stares Marco down until he leaves.

Spencer gets in her car and Mary Drake, who was hiding in the backseat, grabs her. She orders Spencer to drive to the Lost Woods Resort. Mary denies planting the recorded conversation in Spencer’s house, but she’s not sorry Spencer heard it.

Spencer tells Mary that she’s done heinous things. Mary tells her not to judge. “You’d be surprised at the things you have to do to protect yourself,” she tells Spencer.

We see Mary's side of the story through a flashback. Mary wanted to see Spencer, but Peter wouldn’t let her. Peter and Jessica came up with a plan to use Peter’s heart medication pills to kill her. So Mary stood up to her bullies, killed Jessica with those pills and buried the body in Peter’s backyard.

Mary feels like she was cheated out of so much. She was cheated out of the chance to know Spencer. Mary asks Spencer to run away with her. They can finally be free.

Aria cries, overwhelmed with guilt. She gets a taunting text from ‘A’ that says “Nice job with the H-bomb. You showed your true colors”.

Caleb invites Hanna’s mom over for dinner. Hanna comes back after detailing Lucas’s car, hopefully getting rid of any evidence she left behind. Ashley is surprised Emily moved out and Hanna is living alone with Caleb.

Ashley is glad Caleb is back, but she’s afraid his return means Hanna’s in trouble. Caleb tells Ashley that he still loves Hanna. She’s the best thing that ever happened to him and he can’t imagine his life without her.

Caleb shocks Hanna when he says that he wants to marry her. He doesn’t need bells or whistles. Just the two of them exchanging vows and making it official. Ashley is thrilled with the news. After all, she's a big fan of Haleb.

Mona and Emily return to the doctor’s office. After going through his mail, they know he received a large sum of cash that he used to pay off his medical school loan. They threaten to turn him in to the state board unless he tells them who the sperm donor is or who paid for the operation.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know much. He doesn’t have names because everything was done electronically. All he has is the donor I.D. number.

Spencer goes home to confront her dad. When she gets there, her parents are reading the letter Mary Drake wrote to Spencer. Peter, once again, tries to warn Spencer that Mary is manipulating her.

Spencer alludes to her dad’s involvement in the murder plot against Mary, but Peter makes no apologizes for that. Peter did what he had to do to protect his family from a deranged sociopath. He’d do it again, too.

“If someone continually threatened you, Spencer, I don’t think you’d do any different,” he tells her. And he might be right. The Liars have done a lot to protect each other from ‘A’. They haven’t plotted murder, but they have killed multiple times in self defense.

Spencer’s mom is giving up her Senate seat. She didn’t commit any crimes, but Peter did. It will just be a matter of time before the truth comes out and she loses her job.

A.D.’s blackmail is really messing with Aria’s mind. In a black-and-white dream sequence, Aria is in a jail wearing a toilet paper bridal veil and holding a flower bouquet made out of toilet paper.

Mona, who is the prison guard, starts singing Elvis’s song “Jailhouse Rock”. Ezra, wearing a prison jumpsuit, gets repeatedly punched. And Veronica Hastings is in the dream, too. Aria apologizes to Veronica and asks for forgiveness. “Forgive you? Oh, honey. You’re just a selfish little bitch. I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire,” she tells Aria.
Aria wakes up on the couch. Ezra is asleep next to her. Aria gets another text from A.D. that says “You’ve waited long enough. Your reward is downstairs at The Brew”.

Aria rushes downstairs and frantically searches everywhere. She finally finds an envelope from A.D. containing her puzzle piece. Aria looks up and sees Mona getting a coffee. They wave at each other, but Mona looks suspicious of Aria.

Hanna and Caleb cozy up in a tent in the woods in a throwback to when Haleb made love for the first time in “A Person of Interest” episode 1x19. Does Caleb really wants to marry her or if was just trying to distract her mom? “I would marry you right this second if we could find a bear that was licensed,” Caleb tells Hanna.

Hanna pulls a bottle of champagne and two cigars out of her bag. Hanna takes off the cigar band wrapper and slids it on Caleb’s finger. Caleb does the same to her. After that incredibly sweet (and unofficial) Haleb marriage, Hanna and Caleb kiss.
Spencer meets with Mary again, but this time it’s to say goodbye. Spencer can’t run off with Mary. Her friends and her mom need her. Mary understands. Veronica is Spencer’s mom and Spencer is lucky to have her.

Spencer tells Mary that she forgives her. Spencer tells Mary that she needs to forgive herself, too.

Aria, wearing the black hoodie, goes back to the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game and puts her puzzle piece on the board. She finally gets her grand prize, which is the police report she almost filed on Ezra. It’s stuffed in a vase behind her.

Emily anxiously waits for Mona outside her door. When Mona finally comes home, Emily gives her the burner phone Aria planted in Spencer’s house. Maybe Mona can find something on it.

Emily also wants to show Mona some info she dug up on the donor agency, but Mona isn’t up for it. She waits until Emily leaves and gets to work on her computer. Mona’s clearly done a lot of investigating already. Her walls are covered with photos and newspaper articles related the A.D. and the Liars.

The most interesting thing in Mona’s room is the shovels the Liars used to bury Archer Dunhill/Elliot Rollins. Maybe Mona, protecting Hanna, took the shovels before the police found them? Hope so!

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x17 “Driving Miss Crazy”? Really love the sweet Haleb moment where they used the cigar wrappers as rings. And it’s great to see Mona working with the Liars. What did you think of the musical dream sequence? Actress Janel Parrish (Mona) has such a great voice. Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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