Sunday, June 4, 2017

PLL 7x17 Sneak Peek: Mona & Spencer Argue

Spencer isn’t willing to let Mona help the Liars in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x17 “Driving Miss Crazy”.

Hanna freaking out because Detective Marco Furey has more evidence. Hanna wants to keep playing the ‘Liar’s Lament’ game before more of Archer Dunhill’s body parts are sent to the cops. Hanna turns on Aria, asking why she hasn’t had a turn. Aria says she’s not in control of the game.

Mona comes in to help Hanna with the game. Spencer and Emily are upset that Hanna invited Mona, but Hanna defends Mona. They need her help. Mona is brilliant. She knows the answer before you even ask the question.

Mona has a list of people who might be A.D., but the names aren't that surprising. The list starts with Jenna Marshall and ends with Mary Drake.

Spencer tries to kick Mona out. “We don’t need your theories. And there’s no piece on that board that looks like you,” Spencer tells her.

“I guess you're forgetting who replaced the shattered windshield once you peeled Dunhill off of it, which makes me an accessory to your crime. And if you think I’m gonna leave my fate in your fumbling hands, you’ve been smoking the drapes,” Mona shoots back.

So excited to see Mona helping the Liars! Pretty Little Liars “Driving Miss Crazy” will air on Tuesday, June 6.

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