Saturday, June 3, 2017

PLL 7x17 Ezria Sneak Peek: Dance Lessons & Threats

Aria and Ezra take dance lessons in this sneak peek of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x17 “Driving Miss Crazy”. Unfortunately, A.D. is still blackmailing Aria.

Aria and Ezra take dance lessons to prepare for their wedding. In this cute Ezria scene, Ezra asks Aria if he stepped on her. He thought she was in pain. Aria assures him that her pain was caused by small shoes.

Ezra’s brother, Wes, has been texting nonstop. His mom doesn’t approve of Wes’s girlfriend (Crystal). His mom doesn’t want Crystal in the wedding photos.

Aria is distracted when she sees that she missed three video chats from Uber ‘A’.

Ezra thinks Aria is worried about the wedding. After reassuring her, he takes off to deal with Wes’s girlfriend issues.

Aria tells A.D. that she can’t torture her friends. She’s done enough to earn her file back. A.D. promises to give the file back if Aria delivers a gift to Spencer and her family. Aria refuses, telling A.D. that Spencer has already been through enough.

“Your call. Maybe the best man could use some of this in his toast,” A.D. threatens.

Pretty Little Liars “Driving Miss Crazy” will air on Tuesday, June 6.

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