Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Drew Van Acker Skype Chat for Pledging to ‘WEBCAM’ Kickstarter

Want to chat with PLL actor Drew Van Acker (Jason DiLaurentis) on Skype? It’s possible if you pledge enough money on Kickstarter to fund his new short film WEBCAM.

Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

This is what WEBCAM is about, according to the Kickstarter page:

“When the last man on Earth receives a mysterious transmission, he learns that while the world ends, love doesn't.

Starring Drew Van Acker and Dichen Lachman, WEBCAM follows James, a distraught man who thinks himself alone amidst the aftermath of our world’s downfall in the not-so-distant future. He lives a solitary life within a sealed bunker, high above what remains of London, taking refuge from the ravages of a world run amok. James’ only companion is a small artificially intelligent camera drone named WebCam, ironically without purpose in a world with no one left alive with whom to communicate. Forlorn and losing sight of his reason to continue living, James prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice…until at the last second, WebCam receives a signal for an incoming transmission. There’s somebody else out there…who will change James’ life, and the fate of humanity, forever.”

Depending on how much money you pledge, you can get behind-the-scenes photos, a digital download of the film, or a DVD signed by Drew Van Acker, among other things. If you pledge $300 or more, you can choose to get a Skype call with Drew Van Acker. (Note: the Skype call is a limited perk. At the time of this post, there are 5 left.) If you want to make a pledge, there are only a few days left. “This project will only be funded if at least $45,000 is pledged by Fri, Nov 18 2016 11:59 PM PST.”

Check out the WEBCAM Kickstart page for all the details.

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