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Recap of PLL 7x10 “The DArkest Knight”: Noel Gets Decapitated & Mary Drake is Spencer’s Mom

The season 7 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars (the last PLL summer finale ever), episode 7x10 “The DArkest Knight”, was intense. We got some answers, but we are left with even more questions. Noel Kahn’s death is the most gruesome PLL death to date. And we finally find out who Mary Drake’s second child is. Surprise! It’s Spencer. Hanna’s plan to kidnap Noel goes wrong when he escapes. It’s Noel and Jenna versus the Liars and not everyone is going to make it out alive.

The Liars, minus Hanna and plus Mona and Caleb, are freaking out over Hanna’s disappearing act. They want to call the cops, even though the police might find out Hanna ran Archer/Elliot over and the Liars buried him like a dog.

Mona wants to ping Hanna’s cell phone to find her, but Caleb already gave Hanna a phone that can’t be hacked. Worried that Noel kidnapped Hanna, the Liars decide to call the police. They tell the police everything about Noel, Jenna and Sara. Little do they know that Hanna actually kidnapped Noel.

Hanna has Noel tied to a chair in a dark motel room. Hanna sets up a camera to record her interrogation of Noel. Unfortunately, Noel is unconscious. So Hanna telling him to “Wake up, bitch” doesn’t do much good. Noel doesn’t even wake up when Hanna cuts his leg with a knife.

Detective Marco Furey and a lot of other Rosewood cops, including Toby, race over to Spencer’s house. This is Toby’s last day on the force, since he and Yvonne are moving out of Rosewood. Marco sends police to look for Mary Drake. Police are also heading up to Noel’s lake house.

Spencer apologizes to Marco for not telling him about Noel the night before. Marco tells her that there is no need to apologize. Marco read about Charlotte and how she kidnapped the Liars and held them in the bunker. If Noel helped keep the Liars down there, then Marco is determined to bring him to justice. Marco also promises to find Hanna.

Spencer, caught up in the moment, kisses Marco on the cheek. She apologizes for that too, but Marco doesn’t seem to mind the kiss.
Hanna takes Noel’s blood to a lab for DNA testing. She bribes the lab tech with cash and he promises to have the test results back the next day.

Mona and Caleb listen to Jenna’s phone conversations at the Radley lobby, in the hopes that Jenna will lead them to Noel. Unfortunately, Jenna has no idea where Noel is.

Ezra finally reaches out to Aria via video chat. Ezra understands why Aria deleted the call from Nicole. She didn't want him to mourn twice. Ezra is on his way home from Colombia. There is another rescue team looking for hostages, but he doesn’t think they will find any more survivors. Aria and Ezra both love each other and it looks like everything will be fine for Ezria.

Hanna hears the radio report her as a missing person. Hanna, doing what she should have done earlier, calls Mona for help. Mona immediately races over to help Hanna out. Next time, Mona says, call before you abduct someone and go on the run.

Mona searches Noel and finds the flash drive containing the dollhouse videos. The footage proves Noel was working with Charlotte, which is more than enough to put Noel behind bars. They don’t need the blood test results.

Unfortunately, Hanna doesn’t listen to Mona. Hanna is still traumatized from A.D. torturing her. She wants to prove Noel is A.D., so he will be held accountable for torturing her with the cattle prod. Hanna begs Mona to keep her hidden for ten more hours.

Back at Spencer’s house, Paige arrives with coffee and breakfast for everyone. Emily is glad to see her, but Alison sure isn’t. Seeing Paige brings out Alison’s inner bitch. Alison claims to feel nauseated just by looking at Paige. Alison doesn’t understand why Emily invited Paige, since Paige has nothing to do with them. Emily reminds Alison that Paige was also targeted by “A” back in high school. Alison accuses Paige of pathetically using the situation to get close to Emily.

Mona helps Hanna rehearse a cover story. Hanna heads back home. She lies to Marco and her friends. She tells them that she went to find the girl Noel pushed down the stairs years ago. Hanna hoped the girl would be a witness, but she couldn’t find her.

Mona confronts Jenna at the Radley and offers her a one-time-only-get-out-of-jail-free card. Mona tells her to stop looking for Noel, leave the Liars alone, and get on the first Greyhound out of town. If she doesn’t leave town, then the cops will think she had something to do with the Noel situation.

Caleb escorts Hanna back home. Hanna convinces her mom, who is in London at a conference, that everything is fine. It’s harder to convince Caleb of that, though. He knows Hanna is hiding something.

Hanna wants to be alone, but Caleb refuses to leave. The last time he left Hanna alone, A.D. kidnapped her. Hanna calls Caleb a pain in the ass. According to Caleb, Hanna’s the one who is a pain in the ass. Hanna doesn’t do the dishes until mold grows, she eats cold French fries in bed, she sends food back if a waiter breathes on it and she won’t admit that they belong together.

Caleb tells Hanna that he never wants to spend another day without her for the rest of his life. Hanna and Caleb kiss, which leads to them spending the night together. Haleb is finally back.

Meanwhile, Alison gets some shocking news. She’s pregnant with Archer/Elliot’s baby. Alison turns to Emily for comfort. Emily tells Alison that she isn’t alone. Whatever Alison decides to do, Emily is there for her.

Emily and Alison watch a black and white movie on the couch. Alison kisses Emily, but Emily pulls away. She knows Alison is really vulnerable right now. Alison promises that she’s not doing it because she’s feeling vulnerable. They have another Emison kiss.

Marco has officers stationed to protect all the Liars in case Noel is stupid enough to come after them. It’s Marco’s shift outside Spencer’s house. Eating in the squad car alone is depressing, so he brings extra food for Spencer. He has Spaghetti Bolognese and cherry soda with crushed, not cubed, ice. How did Marco know Spencer’s favorites? A friend gave him the info on Spencer’s preferences. Spencer suspects it was Toby, but Marco doesn’t snitch on his informants.

Aria cooks a welcome home dinner for Ezra, but worries when he never arrives. He isn’t answering his phone, either. Aria is shocked when she sees a news report on the Colombia rescue mission. Nicole Gordon was found alive. Shocked, Aria watches as Ezra and Nicole hug and kiss in front of the news camera. If Ezra didn’t fly home, why didn’t he at least call Aria to tell her that?!
Spencer goes to Toby’s place to say goodbye. Toby already sold his house and is packing to move to Maine with Yvonne. Spencer gives him a goodbye present, a book from her nightstand, and tells him how happy she is for him. He deserves to have that great, big, beautiful love more than anyone else she knows. Spencer softly kisses him goodbye and Toby kisses her back. Despite what Toby said last week, the Spoby kiss shows that Toby still isn’t over Spencer.
The next morning, Paige stops by to give Emily paperwork for the swim coach position. The deadline is today and Paige didn’t want Emily to miss it. Paige quickly realizes that Emily slept over at Alison’s house. Paige asks Emily if she wants to grab a bite to eat, but Emily doesn’t want to leave Alison. Alison is going through a rough time.

Paige is in disbelief that, years later, nothing has changed. Alison saw Paige and Emily getting closer, so she drove a wedge between them. Paige says Alison is the same person she used to be. Paige accuses Emily of being controlled by Alison like her puppet. “Call me when you decide to cut the strings” Paige tells Emily.

Hanna gets the DNA test results back, but they aren’t the results she thought they’d be. The lab is absolutely sure Noel Kahn is not related to Mary Drake. Hanna meets up with her friends and tells them that she screwed up. Noel is not Mary’s child, but he is now tied up in an old motel room. The Liars decide to go over and asks Noel if he is Uber “A”.

With the cops keeping a perimeter outside, the Liars have to sneak out when it’s dark. They leave a recording of their voices, so the police think they are still inside.

The Liars get to the motel, but Noel is gone. Guess Hanna didn’t tie Noel tight enough. Noel also took the camera, so he has proof that Hanna kidnapped him. They all get a text from Noel giving them an address. He’ll swap the video camera for the flash drive.
Mona and Caleb stake out the Radley to keep an eye on Jenna. They see someone in a hoodie wearing sunglasses and using a walking cane. She stops at the bar and has two drinks delivered to Mona and Caleb. She pulls off the hoodie and reveals her identity. It’s not Jenna, after all. It’s Jenna’s BFF Sydney Driscoll. “Compliments of Jenna Marshall” Sydney says. “Cheers.”

The Liars show up at the address Noel gave them. It’s an old, rat-infested building that used to be Joseph Lloyd King School for the Blind, which is where Jenna went after Alison blinded her. The Liars say Jenna lost her sight and they suddenly hear Jenna’s voice over the intercom. “I didn’t lose my sight. You took it from me” she says.

Jenna instructs the Liars to leave the flash drive on the table. They head upstairs when they hear Hanna’s video playing. The flash drive is already gone when they look back. The Liars end up in a room filled with baby dolls in incubators. They grab Hanna’s video. They end up in another creepy room that looks like Tim Burton’s garage sale, as Aria puts it.

They head downstairs and Emily suddenly realizes she left her phone upstairs. Hanna and Emily go back for it. (Haven’t they learned anything from horror movies?!) Noel is waiting for them upstairs. “Did you really think we’d let you leave? You know too much”, he says.
Hanna and Emily hide in the creepy room. Noel taunts them, calling out “You can run, but you can’t hide”.

Meanwhile, Aria, Spencer and Alison are also living out a horror movie downstairs. The front door is locked, so there is no escape when Jenna approaches them with a gun. Luckily, Jenna moves pasts them and goes upstairs. The girls realize Jenna and Noel lured them to the building to kill them. They can’t text Emily to warn her because they aren’t getting any cell service.

Noel grabs an axe, since there is conveniently a suit of armor in the room. “I taught Jenna a lot. The one thing she taught Charlotte and me was how to smell fear” Noel creepily tells Hanna and Emily. The girls push a shelf of junk onto Noel and run.

Jenna heads back downstairs. She senses the Liars and calls out “Alison, is that you? You’ve been the bitch, the missing girl, the dead girl. Tonight, you get to be me.” Jenna shuts off the lights. “Now you see what I see” she tells them.

Back upstairs, Noel walks around with the axe. “You bitches never understood me. I always get what I want” he says. Hanna sneaks up behind him and attacks. The axe falls to the floor and Emily punches Noel. Noel falls on the axe. Noel is decapitated! To the horror of Liars downstairs, Noel’s detached head tumbles down the stairs. “It’s a head. It’s a real head” they whisper, horrified.
Jenna walks right past the head as she goes back up the stairs. “You’re like scared little rats” she tells them. Spencer, Aria and Alison rush upstairs to get Emily and Hanna. Jenna turns around and shoots at them as they run downstairs. The Liars make it to the front door and realize Spencer isn’t with them.

Spencer, who was shot, leaves a blood trail on the floor as she crawls into another room. Jenna follows her. She knows Spencer is hiding in the corner because she can smell her blood.

Jenna aims the gun at Spencer and says “This is as much for me as it is for Charlotte”. Mary Drake comes out of nowhere and tackles Jenna. Mary rushes over to Spencer, who is bleeding from a gunshot wound to her chest. Mary cradles Spencer and sings “Hush, Little Baby”.

The Liars race into the room and Spencer begs her friends not to leave her. Crying, Mary says that she would never hurt Spencer. “I’m your mother” Mary tells Spencer. Spencer loses consciousness in Mary’s arms.
Elsewhere, we see Toby’s car smashed on the side of the road. Toby and Yvonne are both unconscious and bloody. Are they alive?! (Earlier, Toby started to send a text message to Spencer. He had second thoughts and deleted the message before finishing it.)

While the Liars are distracted by Spencer bleeding in Mary’s arms, A.D. drags Jenna’s body out of the building and into a van. “Who are you?” Jenna asks. “Did you shoot Spencer?” A.D. tosses his/her rubber mask on the floor next to her. After touching the mask, Jenna realizes she was taken by A.D.
A.D. has miniature dolls representing the Liars. A.D. takes the miniature Spencer doll and shuts it in a small box. One down, four more to go?

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars “The DArkest Knight”? We know Noel and Jenna are not A.D., so who is it? Noel got decapitated before we got any answers from him, so we still don’t know what his connection was to Charlotte. And did A.D. really just kidnap Jenna? We now know Spencer is Mary Drake’s biological child, but that means A.D. isn’t Mary’s child after all. We will have to wait until April to get some more answers. Any theories on who A.D. is? Comment below with your thoughts on the season 7 summer finale!

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