Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ian Harding Talks Ezria Wedding

The Ezria elopement was put on hold while Ezra went to Colombia to find out if Nicole is still alive, but that doesn’t mean Ezria is over. Actor Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, talked about Ezria’s future wedding. It doesn’t seem like Nicole will cause too much of a problem for Ezria. Ezra is still very much committed to Aria. In fact, Ezra would “be the first to start stacking bodies” if someone tried to hurt Aria.


Ian Harding said we will get closure on the Nicole situation, but ultimately it won’t interfere with Ezria. “He was really devastated when she basically passed away and we’ve seen some closure. There will be echoes of that and it will be nice and done. Nothing to get in the way of Aria and Ezra” Ian Harding told The Hollywood Reporter.

Ian thinks Aria and Ezra will be on the same page when it comes to wedding planning. They would probably combine both of their wedding dreams to create a beautiful destination wedding. “She would probably do a lot of boho-chic stuff, but he would want it in one of the cities of his favorite writers like Paris or London or even further, like Prague or Lisbon. They would want a destination wedding more than anything” Ian said.

Ian has lots of ideas about the future of Ezria. Of course, he thinks they’d be far away from Rosewood. He can imagine them living in a “dust bowl in the middle of Oklahoma”, Europe or Canada. He even joked about a PLL spinoff of Ezria living in Prague.

In the past, Ian said that he wants to see Pretty Little Liars end with Aria and Ezra having kids. However, Ian thinks Aria and Ezra would wait a while before having a baby. “I would like them to explore and be together and really solidify their careers, and then in their early-to-mid-30s, settle down. But they wouldn’t have a ton of kids — just one or two. They would just be artsy vagabonds and have a large garden in the back and Ezra would brew his own beer. Although I guess he’s sober now. They would be the couple that didn’t run the immediate traditional route.”

Ian Harding wasn’t surprised when he found out about the Ezria engagement. “I totally expected it at this point in their relationship. I knew it was going that way and Marlene mentioned it months and/or years ago that was the way we’re going and that we’d see if anything changes. Ezra is a hopeless romantic and there’s so much craziness happening in their lives. With A.D. or "A" or Uber A or the Emoji King or whoever it is out there, they just want something solid. It’s a symbol of the solidity they offer each other and that’s why they did it at this time.” (PLL showrunner Marlene King has said the writers almost had Ezria get engaged in season 5.)
Ian Harding thinks his character would risk everything to protect Aria. Ezra would even kill to keep Aria safe. “After all the trauma that he’s seen, his focus has narrowed. He loves a small circle of people and everyone else can be damned. If he was to find out who this person was or someone tried to hurt Aria, he’d be the first to start stacking bodies. We haven’t seen what he would do when those he loves are really threatened. I think if someone got in the way of his future happiness with Aria, there would be deep repercussions.”

Ian Harding also talked about A.D./Uber “A”. He describes Uber “A” as “a bit more sick” than the previous “A” villains. Prepare for PLL to get “downright grisly”. This Uber “A” isn’t playing with dolls or taking pictures of the Liars while they sleep. The stakes are higher and Uber “A” is willing to kill a lot of people. And Uber “A” isn’t done yet.

“There are a couple things that happen — one in particular that I cannot go into — that I read in the script at the table read and looked at the producers and was like, ‘Is that gonna get cut? How are we getting that past network?’ Apparently it was already approved. It is going to be grisly. There’s definitely going to be some red dye that’s flung around the camera” Ian spilled. Looks like a lot more blood will spill before season 7 ends. Wonder who is next on A.D.’s hit list?

I really hope Ezria won’t elope without their friends. Aria absolutely needs the other Liars to be there as her bridesmaids. Can’t wait to see the Ezria wedding! Do you think Uber “A” will find a way to ruin the Ezria wedding?

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