Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Recap of PLL 7x03 “The Talented Mr. Rollins”: Liars Kill Elliot

In a shocking twist, the Liars accidentally kill Elliot Rollins in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x03 “The Talented Dr. Rollins”. The Liars have saved Alison, but now Elliot Rollins death means the Liars may never get the answers they need. Meanwhile, the Liars work through their relationship issues. Spencer realizes that Caleb doesn’t love her. Hanna claims she’s happy with Jordan, despite calling off their engagement last week. Aria admits that she misses Ezra, but he’s out of town this week. And there’s a surprise engagement, but is that a good thing?

The episode starts with Hanna putting on a fake engagement ring. Seems like Hanna isn’t ready to tell her friends and family that the engagement to Jordan is off. Hanna slips the ring on just as Aria walks up to her. Aria isn’t focused on the ring, though. Aria is shocked to see burn marks on Hanna’s back (from when A.D. tortured her with a cattle prod). Aria is concerned, but Hanna doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Liars wonder if Elliot Rollins is working with Mary Drake. Alison became scared at Welby right after the Liars gave A.D. the red jacket. Elliot had Alison strapped down to the bed like an animal, so the Liars need to get Alison away from Elliot ASAP.

While the Liars try to help Alison from the outside, Alison tries to make a break for it. Alison jumps on Elliot when he enters her room. She tries to fight him, but he pins her down against the bed. Elliot injects Alison with a drug and straps her down to the bed.

Emily decides to ask Sabrina out for dinner. Sabrina turns her down, but it’s not that she isn’t interested in Emily. Sabrina is still upset that Emily and Aria stole Ezra’s key from the Brew.

Spencer goes to Toby’s place to see if he can find a connection between Mary Drake and Elliot Rollin. Spencer is surprised when Yvonne answers the door. Toby’s not there and Yvonne asks if Spencer is asking for another favor. Toby’s first favor for Spencer already caused problems between Yvonne and Toby. Yvonne wouldn’t mind as long as she knew what the favor was, but she doesn’t like Toby keeping secrets from her. Spencer says it’s a private issue, but she apologizes for causing problems.

Yvonne especially doesn’t want Toby to disappear right now. Toby proposed to her. Yvonne’s family is coming over for dinner to celebrate the engagement. Spencer doesn’t want to ruin Toby’s special night, so she decides not to get his help.

Aria, Hanna and Emily go to Welby to speak to someone in charge. They see Dr. Freedman, who assures the Liars that Alison is in excellent hands. Freedman brushes off their concerns, so Aria tells him that Dr. Rollins is abusing Alison. If he doesn’t check on Alison right away, she’ll file complaints against both Dr. Rollins and Freedman. Dr. Freedman will be liable if he knew about the situation and neglected to do anything about it.

Dr. Freedman and the Liars go to Alison’s room, but Alison is no longer strapped to the bed. Everything looks normal. He looks at Elliot’s files and doesn’t find anything alarming. Alison is getting a low dose of Clozapine. Her vital signs are stable. As far as he can tell, Elliot is taking good care of Alison.

Seeing Yvonne and Toby happy makes Spencer question her relationship with Caleb. Spencer and Caleb both wanted to be together for a long time. Things were great, but everything changed once Hanna disappeared.

Caleb promised to keep Hanna safe, so he felt responsible when she was kidnapped. Spencer gets that, but Hanna is back now and Caleb still seems distant. Spencer, always the smart Liar, knows Caleb is hiding something. She asks if something happened between Caleb and Hanna at the Lost Woods Resort.

Caleb admits that they kissed. Caleb doesn’t apologize, but he says old memories got stirred up. It was like they were back in high school.

Spencer can handle a kiss, but she can’t handle her boyfriend being in love with someone else. Spencer asks if he still has feelings for Hanna. Caleb doesn’t answer.

Spencer meets up with the Liars with some bad news. Spencer got a call from Jason. Turns out Jason had no idea Alison was in Welby. In fact, Jason didn’t even know Alison was married. Jason is in Ethiopia doing some charity work, so it will be a few days before he’s back in Rosewood.

Emily gets pissed at Spencer when she finds out Spencer never asked Toby for help. Spencer doesn’t want to involve Toby, but Emily snaps that it isn’t Spencer’s decision to make. When Spencer isn’t looking, Emily steals the Mary Drake patient files from Spencer’s purse.

Aria sneaks back into Alison’s house while Hanna and Spencer watch for Elliot outside. (Did they really need both Hanna and Spencer as lookouts? One of them probably should have gone in with Aria to help her investigate. Then again, Spencer and Hanna really need to talk about that Haleb kiss.)

Last week Hanna called off her engagement to Jordan, but Hanna tells Spencer that things are fine with Jordan. Spencer asks Hanna about the Haleb kiss. Spencer says Hanna shouldn’t have said she was over Caleb if she wasn’t. Hanna apologizes for kissing Caleb, but she claims that she really is over Caleb. Hanna says Caleb is her past and Jordan is her future.

Aria takes the hidden key from the lamp shade and unlocks the trunk in Elliot’s bedroom. Aria pulls out creepy tools and various vials of drugs. Aria snaps photos of everything with her phone.

Elliot pulls up while Aria is still inside. Hanna and Spencer try to stall Elliot. Elliot says Alison has paranoia, but Spencer says it isn’t paranoia if it’s real. Elliot tells them to stop visiting Alison. He promises that their visits will be detrimental to Alison’s health.

Aria snaps a photo of Elliot’s credit card statement, throws everything back in the trunk and rushes out the door. She makes a huge mistake, though. She accidentally puts the key back in the wrong lamp shade.

The Liars look through Aria’s photos. Looking through Elliot’s credit card statement, they realize Elliot stayed at an Amish bed and breakfast the same week Alison went to Elliot’s family farm.

Aria decides to check the place out. The small community might know Elliot’s family. Maybe they can find out how Elliot is connected to Mary Drake. Hanna and Spencer don’t think it will help, but Hanna agrees to go with her.

Aria and Hanna get lost on the way. Aria tells Hanna that she broke up with Liam. Things were great with Liam, but Aria spent a lot of time with Ezra recently. Aria realized that she missed having Ezra in her life. Aria thinks they are both lucky. Aria has Ezra and Hanna has Jordan.

Aria asks if Hanna will ever tell Jordan about A.D. kidnapping and torturing her. Hanna snaps at Aria. Hanna wants to forget the hell she went through, not relive it. Hanna doesn’t want to talk to Jordan or Aria about it. If she does talk, she’ll never stop crying.

Emily has a new job as a bartender at The Radley hotel. Sabrina comes in and orders a whiskey and soda. Emily delivers it to her personally. Emily tries to explain about the time she and Aria stole Ezra’s key. They were worried Ezra was in trouble and they were trying to help him. Emily knows that doesn’t make things right, especially the part where Emily lied to Sabrina.

Emily really likes Sabrina. She doesn’t want Sabrina to judge her on one stupid mistake. That mistake doesn’t reflect who Emily is.

A woman comes up and kisses Sabrina. Emily, thinking Sabrina is on a date, quickly goes back to the bar. Embarrassed, Emily calls Spencer to vent.

Spencer has made some progress with Aria’s photos. Spencer realizes Elliot is making latex masks, like the one on the Hanna doll in the bell tower. There were also blue contact lenses in Aria’s photos, but Elliot has brown eyes. Spencer realizes Elliot used blue contact lenses and a latex mask to make Alison think she was seeing Wilden. Elliot made Alison think she was crazy, so Alison would end up in Welby.

After lunch, Sabrina comes up to the bar and asks Emily for another drink. Sabrina says the woman she was meeting up with wasn’t her girlfriend. It was her ex and they are just friends now.

Sabrina realized that Emily is right. Sabrina did judge Emily too quickly and that is not who she is. Sabrina wants to start over with a clean slate. Sabrina asks Emily out to dinner and Emily happily accepts.

In the Amish town, Hanna follows a little girl into a barn. The little girl says her name is Eliza. Aria joins them. Aria says Elliot was lying. His family doesn’t own a farm there. There is no one with the name Rollins in the county.

Eliza says Hanna and Aria look like the dolls that Charlotte gave her. Eliza pulls out the dolls and shows them the Emily doll. Eliza’s favorite doll is the Alison doll because she looks like Charlotte.

Eliza says Elliot and Charlotte would come to town all the time. She saw them kissing, too.

Aria wonders if Charlotte really was better, since she was still naming dolls after them. And if Elliot was in love with Charlotte, that would explain why he is working with Mary Drake.

As they are leaving, Hanna sees a cattle prod. She tells Aria that A.D. used that cattle prod to torture her. Aria is horrified, but Hanna insists that she is fine. Aria promises that Elliot will pay for what he did to Hanna.

Spencer and Caleb have another hear-to-heart about their relationship. Caleb admits that part of him will always love Hanna. Hanna was his first real love. However, Caleb insists that he wants to be with Spencer. That answer wouldn’t change even if Hanna wanted to be with him.

Caleb says he likes everything about Spencer. He likes that she is smart, driven and sexy as hell. Spencer says that is the problem. Caleb likes her, but Spencer loves him. Spencer wants to be with someone who thinks about her the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Caleb knows their relationship has really gone off track. He wants to make it work. Spencer doesn’t know if she can.

Emily crashes Toby and Yvonne’s celebration dinner. Emily tells Toby that Elliot is working with Mary. Toby isn’t rushing to help Alison, since he thinks she killed Charlotte. Emily says Toby’s help will also expose A.D.. Emily begs Toby to look into Elliot. Hopefully he can find a connection between Mary and Elliot. Toby reluctantly agrees to help.

Back at the DiLaurentis house, Elliot realizes the trunk key is in the wrong lamp. He knows the Liars were snooping in the bedroom, so he takes out everything in the trunk.

Spencer and Emily examine the photos of the vials from the trunk. Only one of the vials was used. The vial, now almost empty, contains a stimulant similar to speed. If used in high doses, it can cause hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder. Elliot must be using that drug on Alison to keep her in Welby.

Back at Welby, Elliot sits next to Alison in the dark. Elliot, in his British accent, says “Change of plans, Alison”.

The Liars argue about going to the police. Emily and Aria want to go to the police, but Spencer and Hanna say no. Spencer wants to look at the Mary Drake file again and Emily admits that she took it to Toby. Emily isn’t about to apologize, either. “Ali’s life trumps what you want, Spencer” Emily tells her. Hanna doesn’t think they should tell the cops everything. If they talk about Mary and Elliot, they will also have to implicate Alison in Charlotte’s murder.

Emily gets a pin drop of Elliot’s location on her phone. It’s an S.O.S. from Alison. They realize Elliot is taking Alison out of Welby.

Toby starts investigating Elliot Rollins. Toby lies to Yvonne, who wants him to join her in bed. Yvonne takes it as best she can, saying that she has to get use to being a police officer’s wife. After Yvonne goes inside, Toby finds something in the police database. Elliot Rollins had a moving violation in 1958. After seeing that year, Toby knows something is fishy about Elliot. Did he steal someone’s identity?

Elliot drives Alison to the lake. The Liars follow them and take a shortcut. Alison pretends to be asleep in the car. She waits for the right moment and slams Elliot’s head against the steering wheel. Alison takes off and Elliot chases after her.

The Liars see Alison run past their car. A second later, Elliot runs in front of them. The Liars can’t stop the car in time and they hit Elliot.

Elliot’s head slams through the windshield. He’s dead on impact. Hanna, who was driving the car, is particularly traumatized.

Alison runs back and stares at Elliot’s dead body.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x03 “The Talented Mr. Rollins”? Are you shocked that the Liars accidentally killed Elliot Rollins? (Although that probably isn’t his real name, given Toby’s police database search results). Alison is finally free, but now the Liars have to cover up another murder. Now that Elliot is dead, the Liars will have to get answers from someone else.

And what about all the love triangles? Do you think Toby and Yvonne will eventually get married or will Spencer come between them? Do you think Caleb and Spencer are over? Spencer deserves someone who loves her, but is Caleb still in love with Hanna? Comment below!


  1. Not understanding why they can't go to the police here? Why can't they say they were driving to the lake and Elliot suddenly comes running and they can't break in time? Can them saying they fear for Ali and the care she's in lead to murder? Likely not, they just expressed concern.

    Would like to see someone elses' POV on this.

    1. I agree that they should have gone to the police. They have some evidence that Elliot is evil (like the photos Aria took of the drugs that Elliot used on Alison). And it shouldn’t be hard for the police to find the connection between Charlotte and Elliot. Plus, Toby’s search shows Elliot Rollins probably isn’t even his real name. Given all that, the police should be suspicious of Elliot. They should understand the Liars were trying to save Alison and accidentally hit Elliot. Covering up this murder is going to backfire and cause more problems for them.

      I’m guessing the Liars don’t want to go to the police because they thought Alison killed Charlotte. Maybe they don’t want the police to suspect the same thing? And it was Hanna’s plan to catch A.D. that lead to the Liars pointing to Alison as Charlotte’s murderer. I remember in the promo for season 7, they showed Spencer digging the grave and saying “It was a well thought out plan. When it ends like this, it’s called murder”. So they could be afraid that they won’t look innocent after the police investigate more.

      Also, Uber A may already be using this death against them. In the promo for 7x04, Hanna thinks someone knows that they killed Elliot. So maybe someone is threatening them already?

      And the Rosewood police have a history of not listening to the Liars. So the Liars may not trust that the police will believe their story.

      Still, I think the Liars are making a huge mistake by hiding Elliot’s death. They should know by now that secrets never stay hidden in Rosewood. :)