Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PLL 7x04 Promo: Liars Bury Elliot Rollins

The promo for Pretty Little Liars episode 7x04 “Hit and Run, Run, Run” is all about the Liars getting rid of all evidence that they killed Elliot Rollins.

The Liars need to cover their tracks. Luckily, they’ve had a lot of practice.

The Liars dig a grave in the wood to hide Elliot’s body. The Liars think they’ve covered everything, but Hanna is sure they are missing something. Hanna says someone knows what they did.

Mona’s back and she’s got some questions. Aria reminds Mona what curiosity did to the cat.

And Jenna Marshall is back! The Liars don’t look happy to see Jenna back in Rosewood.

Pretty Little Liars “Hit and Run, Run, Run” will air Tuesday, July 12 at 8pm/7c on Freeform.

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