Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PLL Cast Sasha Pieterse, Huw Collins & Andrea Parker at Disneyland

Huw Collins as Elliot Rollins tortures Sasha Pieterse’s character Alison DiLaurentis on PLL, but in real life they are good friends. (Huw Collins has said it is a shame that Elliot Rollins was using Alison, since he and Sasha Pieterse had fun working together).

Their friendship goes beyond having fun on the PLL set. Sasha Pieterse and Huw Collins went to Disneyland together about a month ago. They were even joined by another fellow PLL castmate, Andrea Parker (Jessica Dilaurentis/Mary Drake).

Sasha Pieterse and her fiancé Hudson Sheaffer, Huw Collins and his wife Molly Shaheen, and Andrea Parker and her husband Michael Birnbaum all look like they are having a great time at Disneyland in this photo. Huw Collins captioned the photo “Yesterday, we majored in Disney. 🐭🐭🐭 @moll_sohard @sashapieterse27 @theandreaparker @hudson_s27 @empirepix”.

PLL actors Sasha Pieterse, Huw Collins and Andrea Parker at Disneyland

Andrea Parker posted this video of all six of them riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Love Sasha Pieterse’s Minnie Mouse hat! (Check out Lucy Hale dressed up as Minnie Mouse).

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