Thursday, March 24, 2016

Huw Collins Talks Elliot Rollin’s Evil Plans

In a shocking twist in the season six finale of Pretty Little Liars, we found out Alison’s new husband Dr. Elliot Rollins is secretly working with Mary Drake. In a interview, actor Huw Collins talked about the twist. Huw knew ahead of time that his character was evil. He talks about Dr. Rollin’s British accent, the Wilden mask and how Dr. Rollins never loved Alison and used her as a pawn in his evil plan.


Huw Collins found out early on in filming that his character was evil. Huw loves that he had a chance to play such a complex character. “It was definitely a nice surprise, and I think it's just a blessing as an actor, being able to play this really sweeter than sweet guy and kind of win fans over as this new guy who's come into Ali's life and is really great for her. She's had such a tough past, this new kind of beginning for her, and then for that reveal at the end, I think as an actor that's a lot of fun to play with. I just feel really lucky that Marlene entrusted me to take on that role, and I loved every second of it” Huw told People.

Elliot Rollins definitely seemed evil in the finale, but is he also A-moji? Huw Collins isn’t sure. “I guess you'll just have to wait and see. I think the overall mystery is unravelling, and this is the start of that mystery unravelling. So that is one of those things that we'll have to wait for season 7 to get answers to” he said.

So Huw Collins won’t reveal if he is A-moji, but what about the Wilden mask he wore in “Hush … Hush, Sweet Liars”? Is Dr. Elliot Rollins the one who has been wearing different uniform and masks while spying on the Liars? Although that’s a reasonable assumption, Huw doesn’t think we should jump to any conclusions. “I think it would be safe to assume that given the reveal and Rollins' use of a mask that he potentially has been masquerading as other characters around this part of the plot, but assumption is as far as I think it would go. Yes, it's very possible that there is more to it, and as to whether it's Rollins playing all of these people who have masks on, I would say it would be dangerous to assume that that's him all the time,” he said.

And what about Elliot Rollins suddenly revealing his British accent at the end of the finale? Huw Collins was asked if that has any significance in terms of the show. (Actor Huw Collins is actually British, but he did a great job of hiding his accent throughout season 6B). Huw joked that “All evil leads back to England!” He went on to say “Again, I think that's something that is going to become explicit and revealed in the coming season, so I can't say too much about it. But what I would say is that in that reveal, you saw who this character really is. Dr. Rollins … his real self was revealed at the end, but the nature of him and his back story is yet to be explained but will be explained.”

Bad news for any PLL fans who like Alison with Dr. Rollins. It seems like Dr. Rollins didn’t really love Alison at all. He was simply using her. “I think that ultimately, Alison was a pawn in Elliot and Mrs. Drake's plan” he said. He continued, “I think it would be safe to say that Alison is very much a commodity for Elliot as opposed to someone that he romantically wants to be involved with. In a way, it's a shame. Sasha, who plays Alison, and I have really enjoyed working together a lot and we genuinely did find some sweet moments in seeing their relationship develop … but ultimately it's a long con plot instead of a developing love story, I'm afraid. He really isn't the most morally sound man, I'm afraid.”

Are you disappointed Alison’s seemingly sweet husband turned out to be evil?


  1. Aww that is so sad I loved Elliot and Alison together:'(

    1. I also liked Elliot and Alison together. It seemed like Elliot really cared about Alison and he was so sweet in the beginning. Alison’s going to be devastated when she finds out he was using her :(