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Recap PLL 7x04 “Hit and Run, Run, Run”: Archer Dunhill AKA Elliot Rollins & Jenna Marshall

The Liars race to cover up Elliot’s death in Pretty Little Liars episode 7x04 “Hit and Run, Run, Run”. The weight of what they’ve done, plus her failing relationship with Caleb, makes Spencer fall apart. Mona, an expert at stealth and secrets, knows exactly what the Liars need to do. And Jenna Marshall makes a surprise return to Rosewood. She’s got plenty of secrets. She’s been in contact with Elliot Rollins and even knows his real name.

The Liars panic after accidentally killing Elliot. Spencer, Aria and Emily frantically dig a grave to bury the body. Emily cries, unsure if she can go through with it. Spencer says they don’t have a choice. It was a well-thought-out plan. When it ends like this, it is first-degree murder.  Meanwhile, Alison and Hanna are in shock. Hanna hasn’t even moved from the car. She feels especially guilty, since she was the one driving the car.

Hanna eventually grabs a shovel and tries to help her friends. Worried, Aria tells Hanna to wait in the car. Aria tells Hanna that they can still go to the police if she wants to. They can tell the police that it was an accident.

Emily doesn’t think the police will believe them. Spencer, still upset with Hanna for kissing Caleb, snaps at Hanna. Spencer says Hanna didn’t know the right pedal from the left, so they can’t go to the cops. They just need to hurry up and sneak Alison back to Welby before the nurses notice she’s missing. Alison comes over to the Liars. She reaches into the dirt and pulls out Elliot’s hospital key card.

The Liars drive back in Elliot’s car. They look through Elliot’s phone, but they don’t see any suspicious emoji texts on it. Hanna starts freaking out. She doesn’t think they’ll get away with this. Hanna is sure she’ll end up in jail for vehicular manslaughter. Spencer reminds Hanna that they all buried the body. And no one else knows what the Liars did.

Hanna immediately takes a shower to wash all the blood away. Even after her shower, she finds a bloody glass shard in her hair. Spencer frantically cleans the floor, while Emily paces around and tracks even more mud on the floor. Hanna offers to help Spencer clean, but Spencer is still irritated at her. Hanna notices that Spencer still has Elliot’s blood on her arm.

Caleb knocks on the door. The door chain is on, so Caleb can only open the door a little. He can’t see that Hanna is in the room. Spencer doesn’t want to talk to Caleb, but he won’t leave. Caleb says that he’s an idiot. Everything came out wrong earlier. Hanna was a wound that he tried hard to heal. It ripped open that night at the Lost Woods Resort and it was confusing.

Caleb reminds Spencer of the time they spent together in D.C.  Caleb had a job offer in San Francisco and was going to leave. He couldn’t tell Spencer, though, because he liked her so much. Caleb ended up turning the job offer down. Spencer remembers that night as one of the best nights.

Caleb, Spencer and Hanna all cry in this sad love triangle moment. Spencer really wants to let Caleb in, but she can’t let him see them hiding evidence of Elliot's death. Spencer tells Caleb that she needs more time. Caleb cries as Spencer shuts the door.

Emily finishes her bartending shift at The Radley and Spencer orders some drinks. Aria will text them when Alison is back in Welby. Then Spencer will drive to the train station, leave Elliot’s car there, use Elliot’s credit card to buy a ticket and leave Elliot’s jacket and cell phone on the train seat. Meanwhile, Emily will go to Alison’s house. Emily will pack a bag with Elliot’s things, so it looks like he left town in a hurry.

Emily senses Spencer’s hostility towards Hanna. Emily knows things have been rocky with Spaleb, but she says Spencer can’t blame Hanna for that. Spencer tells her about the recent Haleb kiss. Emily didn’t know about the Hanna and Caleb kiss. Emily thinks they’ve all been falling into old patterns now that they are back in Rosewood.

Spencer gets that. It wasn’t easy for her to see Yvonne’s engagement ring. Spencer is happy for Toby, but there is still a dull ache. Spencer gave Hanna years to figure out if she wanted Caleb back. And Hanna told Spencer that she was over Caleb.

Emily suggests that the timing was off for Spencer and Caleb. Spencer doesn’t accept that. Love shouldn’t be about timing. You either love someone or you don’t. Emily doesn’t know what to tell Spencer. Emily takes off and Spencer stays at the bar to drink some more.

It’s Aria’s job to get Alison back into Welby. Aria checks if the coast is clear. She comes back later to find Alison gone. Aria looks for Alison and finds her hiding in a corner. Alison is scared to go back to Welby. Aria assures Alison that she’s safe now. Elliot Rollins won’t ever hurt her again. Aria knows Alison is scared, but everyone is counting on them to set up Alison’s alibi. Aria promises to come back for Alison.

Aria helps Alison into a new gown and straps her into the bed. Alison is uncomfortable with the restraints, but they need to show the nurses what kind of monster Elliot was. Alison can’t believe she married the monster. She had no idea he was in love with Charlotte. She fought so hard for Charlotte to be released. She doesn’t understand why Elliot thought she killed Charlotte.

Aria asks if Alison killed Charlotte. Aria and Ezra saw Alison at the church the night Charlotte was murdered. Alison admits that she followed Charlotte to the church, but she didn’t kill her. Charlotte was furious about Alison and Elliot. Charlotte didn’t want to hear Alison’s explanations. When Alison left, Charlotte was still alive. Alison heard a creak as she was leaving. Maybe someone else was there?

Alison didn’t tell the police the truth. She was scared they’d think she killed Charlotte. Alison blames herself for leaving Charlotte alone that night. If she had stayed, maybe Charlotte would still be alive. Aria says Alison may have been killed that night, too.

Aria texts Spencer, but Spencer is a bit busy. A new hottie, who introduces himself as Marco, sends Spencer a drink. Spencer, wanting to strengthen her alibi, agrees to stay a little longer. At least The Radley hotel cameras will show her at the bar. He asks what she is doing tonight. Spencer says that she is burying a body. (Uh-oh, Spencer! You may have just said too much to a new Rosewood detective!)

Spencer gets wasted and leaves with Marco. They end up making out in the elevator. Things get hot and heavy pretty fast, but Spencer suddenly pulls away. She tells him that she can’t do it.

Aria and Hanna go back to the woods with accelerant and a lighter. They plan to burn Lucas’s car to get rid of the evidence. Aria tells Hanna about her conversation with Ali. Aria doesn’t think Alison killed Charlotte. Aria used to be so scared of Alison. One time in middle school, Aria and Alison wore the same shirt. Aria went to the nurse and pretended to have the flu, just so she could go home and change clothes. Now Alison is the one who’s scared. Aria doesn’t want Alison to find out they were the ones who told A.D. that Alison killed Charlotte.

The girls have a bigger problem at the moment, though. Lucas’s car is gone. Hanna distinctly remembers hiding the car next to the tree that looked like Keebler Elves lived in it. They find tire tracks in the wet dirt and realize that someone drove Lucas’s car away. Somebody else knows what they did.

Aria and Hanna see Lucas’s car approaching them. They are shocked to see Mona step out of the car. “You two sure know how to ruin a surprise” Mona tells them.

Mona got suspicious of Elliot when she saw Alison full-on Girl, Interrupted. Mona decided to trail Elliot as a precaution. She put a GPS on Elliot’s car. She got curious when she saw him driving into the woods.

It’s a good thing Mona came along when she did. She tells the Liars that it would be a bad idea to torch Lucas’s car. The police would immediately be suspicious of a burned car in the middle of the woods. The Liars didn’t even think to erase the tire tracks. Mona already got started on hiding the evidence. Mona fixed the broken windshield at a place that doesn’t ask questions and won’t give answers. Mona asks where Elliot’s burner phone is. Hanna and Aria have no idea what Mona is talking about.

Emily has the bag with Elliot’s stuff, but Spencer can’t do her part. She can’t even drive. Emily picks Spencer up and totally goes off on her. Emily can’t believe Spencer allowed herself to lose control.

Spencer can’t believe they are back where they started. For a few years, Spencer actually felt free. She didn’t flinch every time she saw a hoodie or when she got a blocked call on her phone. Spencer took horseback riding lessons, a cooking class and even let friends tag her in photos. Now she’s aiding and abetting and is in a failed relationship.

The next day, the Liars have brunch at The Radley. Over bagels and mimosas, Mona tells them that Elliot had a burner phone. She heard Elliot on his burner phone and he wasn’t using his fake American accent. If they can find the burner phone, then they can figure out who Elliot was working with. Spencer is sure Elliot’s accomplice is Mary Drake. Mona offers to ping the phone. If they are lucky, they might find it.

The Liars are shocked when Jenna Marshall comes into The Radley. Jenna heads straight to the Liars. Jenna heard Hanna and Aria’s voices. Jenna says she came back to Rosewood because of Toby’s engagement to Yvonne. Lots of Toby’s family members are coming to celebrate. Jenna is staying at the Radley. As Jenna reminds the Liars, her house blew up. (Charlotte blew up the house in episode 5x05 “Miss Me x 100”).

Jenna heard through the grapevine that Hanna is also engaged. Jenna congratulates her. Jenna also mentions Ali. Jenna might visit her and return the favor from so long ago. Seeing all the Liars has made her feel nostalgic.

The Liars are freaked out by Jenna’s sudden appearance. It can’t be a coincidence that she’s back in Rosewood one day after the Liars ran someone over.

Spencer ignores a call from Caleb and excuses herself from the table. Hanna follows her. Hanna asks if Spencer is going to stay mad at her forever for kissing Caleb. Spencer says no, but she needs to be mad a little longer. If Hanna wants to be a good friend, she should just let Spencer be mad at her.

Hanna tells Spencer to go find Caleb. The rest of the Liars can look for Elliot’s burner phone without her. Hanna thinks Spencer should tell Caleb the truth about Elliot’s death. The other Liars will be upset, but there are worse things that can happen.

Jenna waits for Toby outside the Rosewood police precinct. Toby isn’t happy to see Jenna. Apparently, they had some sort of falling out three years ago. Jenna really wants to make amends.

Mona isn’t able to ping Elliot’s phone. Mona is sorry. She really wanted to help Hanna. Hanna confides in her former BFF. Hanna feels responsible for killing Elliot. She wonders if she killed him on purpose. There was time to stop the car if she hadn’t gotten the pedals mixed up. Hanna has been telling herself that it was a horrible accident. When Hanna saw Elliot, she remembered being tortured in that cold, dark room.

Mona knows that isn’t the only thing Hanna is confused about. Mona immediately noticed Hanna’s fake engagement ring. Hanna and Mona used to spend weekends looking at Tiffany catalogs. Mona can easily spot a fake diamond.

Hanna admits that she broke up with Jordan. Hanna is keeping the breakup a secret because Spencer and Caleb are having relationship issues. She doesn’t want to be a factor in their breakup. Mona says Hanna can’t keep lying forever. People are going to expect a wedding.

Hanna suddenly realizes that her gold chain bracelet is missing. She had it on last night in Elliot’s car. The police will link Hanna to Elliot’s murder as soon as they discover the bracelet. Mona assures her that they will get the bracelet back before that happens.

Aria and Emily go to Welby to see Alison. Emily doesn’t think they will be able to get in, but Aria doesn’t want Alison to think they abandoned her. Before Aria and Emily can go in, they see a lot of police in the hospital. Emily tells Aria that she asked Toby to look into Elliot. Aria, horrified, tells Emily that she sent the police on a manhunt for the guy they just murdered.

Spencer goes back to her barn to find it empty. Caleb took off without even saying goodbye. He even left an empty picture frame on the bed. Spencer stares at the empty frame and curls up on the bed.

Dr. Elliot Rollins is gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Alison is safe at Welby. Mary Drake visits Alison and stops her from calling a nurse. “No need to call for nurse, dear. I’m in charge now” Mary Drake creepily tells Alison.

Toby meets with Spencer, Aria and Emily. Toby studied the Mary Drake file, but he couldn’t find a connection between Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins. He found out the real Elliot Rollins died fifteen years ago. Dr. Elliot Rollins died from a stroke at the age of 72. The guy Ali married is a fraud.

The police are looking for Elliot. The police captain made the search a top priority. Toby assures the Liars that the police will find him. They won’t have to stay quiet for long. The truth will come out. That’s not comforting, since the Liars don’t want the truth about Elliot to come out. The Liars decide not to tell Toby that they accidentally killed Elliot. The Liars wonder who they really killed.

Hanna and Mona rush to the train station to break into Elliot’s car. They only have a couple minutes before the next train arrives and commuters flood the parking lot. Mona, an expert at breaking into things, jimmies the car lock. Mona finds a candy wrapper and a clump of hair, but no bracelet. Luckily, Hanna finds the bracelet between the back seats.

Mona and Hanna are rushing away when they hear a phone ring in the car. Mona finds the burner phone hidden underneath the floor mat. They listen as Jenna says “Hi Archer. Can you hear me? It’s Jenna. Jenna Marshall”.

What did you think of Pretty Little Liars episode 7x04 “Hit and Run, Run, Run”? We finally got some answers. We know Elliot’s real name is Archer Dunhill (A.D.), but what is his connection to Jenna Marshall? Tammin Sursok, the actress who plays Jenna, said we might feel sorry for Jenna. Are you sad about the Spaleb breakup or are you hoping for a Haleb reunion? It was nice to see Mona and Hanna’s friendship again. The Liars keep icing Mona out, but she seems to genuinely care for Hanna. Do you think the Liars will be able to keep Elliot’s death a secret?

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