Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lucy Hale Pranked by Adam Davis on the 'Woody & Jim Show'

Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale (Aria) got pranked by her good friend Adam Davis on the Woody & Jim show.

While guest broadcasting on a Nashville radio station, Adam Davis called up Lucy and pretended to cry. He claimed that the people at the radio station treated him horribly and hurt his feelings while live on the radio.

Lucy Hale wanted to kill her friend when she found out the whole thing was a joke. She figured it out when one of the DJs said to Adam “and don’t come back until you have bigger celebrities on the phone”.

Lucy showed just how good of a friend she is, though. She was ready to fly to Nashville and hurt the people who hurt her friend.

Lucy was a good sport about the prank, but now she wants some revenge. Lucy tweeted “@WoodyandJimShow y'all gotta help me get Adam back ...that sneaky devil”.

Lucy Hale has often been the target of pranks. Lucy had a hilarious reaction to getting scared by the crew on the set of PLL.

PLL co-star Shay Mitchell (Emily) has also been pranked pretty bad. In an epic prank done by fouseyTube, Shay started crying during the drug deal gone bad prank.

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