Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Shay Mitchell Wants PLL to End for Emily: A Lover & Cat in Europe

Shay Mitchell, Emily on PLL, wants her character to find love before the show ends. No official decision has been made on the final season of PLL, but Lucy Hale has said that some cast members will leave at the end of season seven, regardless of Freeform’s decision to renew or cancel the show. Here’s what Shay Mitchell has to say about season seven and the possibility of PLL ending soon.

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Shay Mitchell hopes season seven of Pretty Little Liars will bring love for her character. “I hope that she finds somebody that she cares deeply about. It’d be nice to get to have someone in Emily’s life that is special to her this season,” Shay told Bustle. (PLL showrunner Marlene King has teased that season 7 will be the most romantic PLL season ever, so it seems likely that Emily will have a new girlfriend.)

And Shay hopes her character will have a “happily ever after” when PLL eventually ends. “I know the other girls are like, 'everybody dies, there’s just one person left! And I’m like, 'alright, I don’t know about that.' I would take it if Emily ended up living in Europe somewhere with her lover and just had a cat,” Shay said. (Lucy Hale wants PLL to end tragically.)

Shay emphasized that Pretty Little Liars ending after season seven is just a possibility and not officially decided. “Exactly, possibly. I think I have to keep saying that, otherwise I’ll just start bawling. It’s been such an amazing journey with all of [the other PLL stars]. Six years have gone by so quick, and I’m sure this one will too,” she said.

Shay added, “I think this year especially, regardless of whether or not it’s the last year — you never know — I think it’s really about being present and taking in all the moments and really just letting it all sink in.”

Let’s hope Emily does get her happy ending. Do you want PLL to continue for an eighth season?

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