Saturday, January 9, 2016

PLL Season 6B Mona Spoilers

The PLL special “5 Years Forward” gave us an idea of what is in store for the Liars and their significant others after the five year time jump, but the episode didn’t tell us that much about Mona Vanderwaal.  (Although we found out that Mona doesn't believe Charlotte has changed).  Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on PLL, talked in this interview about what to expect from her character after the five year time jump.

We know the Liars are forced to go back to Rosewood to testify about Charlotte in court (Alison wants the Liars to convince the court that Charlotte is no longer a threat).  However, Mona will also be forced to return to Rosewood.  "She, too, is forced back to Rosewood and has a new mystery to face that kind of bonds the five of them together again, whether they want to be or not," Janel Parrish explained.

Mona will look a little more conservative when she returns to Rosewood after five years away, but she’s still the same Mona we know.  It won’t be clear if Mona can be trusted, but that makes Mona a fun character for Janel to play.  "She still kind of shows up where you don't expect her to show up and says a couple things that make you curious about what her true intentions are.  But I think that will always be a part of Mona no matter what and I think that's something that makes her character really fun" Janel said.

Do you think the Liars can trust Mona?

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