Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PLL Spoilers Season 6: Charles Will Punish Liars

The Liars will suffer the consequences of trying to escape the dollhouse when Pretty Little Liars returns for season 6.

Janel Parrish, Mona on PLL, told The Hollywood Reporter what to expect for PLL season 6A.  “Basically, the girls will be trying to escape. They will be punished for trying to get away from Charles, and it won't be pretty. I know eventually that they will get out [of the dollhouse] but with some serious emotional scars. The season will be pretty dark. Throughout the season, we'll be finding out more about what happened to these girls while they were in the dollhouse and who exactly is Charles and why is he doing this”.

Mona’s punishment may be different from what Charles does to the Liars, since Charles favors Alison.  Janel told Entertainment Weekly that Mona “will be treated differently because she is [Charles’] favorite,” but “[Mona] will ultimately still be punished”.

In “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, Mona described the punishment she already suffered in the dollhouse.  (No food and water, blasting the siren and playing a recording of Mona’s mom crying at her funeral).  What do you think Charles is going to do to the girls this time?

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