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Recap of PLL 5x22 “To Plea or Not to Plea”

In Pretty Little Liars “To Plea or Not to Plea” episode 5x22, the Liars try to find Varjak, Aria and Ezra officially break up, Spencer kisses British hottie Colin and Hanna is arrested. 

Alison’s lawyer, Rebecca, doesn’t think Alison should take the stand.  The jury won’t believe that Cyrus Petrillo set her up by asking to meet up the night Mona was murdered, since Alison lied about Cyrus kidnapping her. 

Alison has someone else that can testify and back up her story (Aria’s brother Mike). However, her lawyer doesn’t think it matters unless the person knows for a fact where Alison was at the time of the murder.  Alison realizes that Mike’s testimony won’t be enough to prove that she didn’t kill Mona.

The DA is offering Alison a plea bargain.  If Alison pleads guilty to Mona’s murder and names her accomplice, she will get 15 years in prison.  She may get out in 10 years with good behavior. 

Alison doesn’t want to take the deal, since she didn’t kill Mona.  However, Alison’s lawyer says there is substantial evidence against her and the prosecution wants life without parole.  The police are already building a case against Hanna, who they believe is Alison’s accomplice. 

Spencer tries to change her flight so that she can return to Rosewood as soon as possible.  Melissa comes home and convinces Spencer to stay in London.  Their mom tracked down a friend who works at St Andrews and got Spencer an interview. 

Spencer explains that she needs to go back home for her friends and Toby.  Toby hasn’t been talking to her.  He became a cop to protect her, but being a cop has ruined their relationship. 

Melissa thinks spending time away from Toby is exactly what Spencer needs.  Sometimes a relationship has run its course, but you can’t see it until you have some distance.  Living in London has allowed Melissa to get a fresh start away from all the Rosewood drama.  Spencer could have that, too.

Emily is convinced that Alison doesn’t know who Varjak is.  She wants to talk to Cyrus, but Aria says Cyrus is now in the ICU. 

Emily thinks Mike should tell the cops about Mona’s plan to fake her death, but Aria doesn’t want her brother to end up in jail.  Emily thinks “A” might put Mike in the ICU next, but Aria is determined to protect her brother.

Colin, Melissa and Wren’s flatmate, is glad that Spencer is staying in London a little longer.  Colin thinks Spencer will like St. Andrews.  Spencer might find her prince there, just like Kate Middleton did. 

Colin has an extra ticket to the theater, so he invites Spencer to join him.  Spencer wants to prep for her interview, but she changes her mind when she finds out Colin has tickets to see Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Spencer, being a Hastings, has had a bucket list since she was six years old.  Seeing a Royal Shakespeare Company play is something on her bucket list.  Excited, she agrees to go with him.

Hanna overhears her mom talking to Veronica Hastings (Spencer’s mom).  Veronica heard that Alison was offered a plea bargain.  Veronica thinks the police believe Hanna is Alison's accomplice. 

Hanna’s mom is sure that Hanna would never hurt Mona, but the police have evidence.  Tanner found human remains in the barrel of acid from the storage unit.  Tanner also saw Hanna outside the unit.  The bone fragments in the barrel were too small to test for DNA, but they believe Mona’s body was in the barrel.  The police also know that Hanna visited Alison in jail twice.  Veronica recommends a good defense attorney for Hanna.

Emily doesn’t think Alison will take the plea bargain, but Hanna isn’t so sure.  She knows Alison looks out for herself first and she’s an easy target.

Aria talks to Alison's brother Jason, who says that Alison is with the DA and considering the plea deal.  However, Alison is not taking any visitors in jail.

Emily wants to call Spencer and tell her about Hanna, but Aria doesn’t want Spencer to bomb her interview or skip out on it.  Emily thinks they need to ask Ezra for help, since Ezra did a lot of research for his book.  Aria can’t go with her, though.  She has a history test and she doesn’t want to lose her spot at Savannah.

Emily reads a note that falls out of Aria’s locker.  The note says “Good luck on your test.  Hope your ankle is better.  Dinner tonight? - Andrew”.

Emily wonders why Andrew is asking Aria out, so Aria has to tell her about the kiss.  Aria doesn’t know where she stands with Ezra.

Hanna is worried that the police will go after Caleb next.  Caleb doesn’t think the police have evidence against Hanna.  If they did, they would have already arrested her.  Hanna thinks she will be safe as long as Alison refuses to take the plea deal.

Caleb wants to ask Toby what other evidence the police have against Hanna.  Hanna doesn’t think Toby will help them. 

Emily is desperate to track down Varjak to help Hanna and Alison, but Ezra has never come across the name ‘Varjak’ in his research.  Ezra wonders if Alison knew Varjak, since Hanna found a Holly Varjak passport in Alison’s attic. 

Emily says that passport was planted there by “A”.  Everything Mona’s lawyer gave them was a setup, but they don’t know if it was set up by Mona or “A”.

Ezra wonders about Mona’s lawyer, James Neilan.  Mona was working for “A” at that time, so Ezra thinks James Neilan may have known about her plans.

Melissa lets Spencer borrow a dress for her night out at the theater.  Melissa and Spencer have never been close, so they didn’t share clothes and makeup tips. Melissa blames herself for that.  She shouldn’t have held on to her secret for so long (burying Bethany Young alive), but she thought she was protecting both Spencer and herself. 

Melissa thinks about that night every single day.  Spencer isn’t sure that she could have done the same to protect Melissa if the roles were reversed.  Melissa says that doing something wrong can seem like the right thing when you’re trying to help someone you love.

Melissa and Spencer both want to start over.  They agree to be honest and not to lie to each other anymore.

Ezra visits James Neilan’s law office and pretends to need advice on franchising The Brew.  When Ezra starts asking questions about Mona Vanderwaal, Neilan gets uncomfortable.  Ezra wonders why Mona would hire Neilan to deliver a package after her death, since he is not an estate lawyer.  Ezra asked if someone paid Neilan to lie about being Mona’s lawyer.  Ezra thinks the person who hired Neilan to deliver the package to the Liars is actually the person who killed Mona.

Neilan tells Ezra to leave before he calls security.  Ezra threatens to tell the police about him, but Neilan still refuses to talk.

Ezra joins Aria and Emily outside.  The three of them watch Neilan on his phone as he leaves his office in a hurry.  They follow him to see who he is meeting up with.

Alison comes back to her cell to find her things on the floor and her mattress flipped over.  When she puts the mattress back down, she sees “Take the plea” written on the wall.

Hanna tells her mom that she had nothing to do with Mona’s murder.  She doesn’t want to talk to her mom, but finally tells her that she is being framed.  She went to the storage unit to move Mona’s body and bloody clothes.  Hanna's name was on the storage unit, which was rented the day before Mona’s murder.  Hanna tells her mom that someone is framing both her and Alison for Mona’s murder.

Hanna didn’t want to drag her mom into her mess.  She thought she could deal with the storage unit herself, but Tanner and Toby saw her there.  Hanna’s mom wants to know who is framing her, but Hanna doesn’t know.

Spencer buys pints of beer at a pub to thank Colin for taking her to see Hamlet.  Turns out she didn’t like the play.  She didn’t like that it was set in present-day London. Hamlet was wearing jeans and using a cell phone.  Colin also thought the play was rubbish.

Spencer wonders if Hamlet could have created a new life and left all the darkness behind him.  Colin isn’t sure about Hamlet, but he does think Spencer could start over in England.

Spencer and Colin play darts at the pub.  He’s intrigued by Spencer, who is bright, driven and loves the arts.  Colin admits that he would have bought Hamlet tickets for Spencer if he hadn’t already had them. 

Ezra, Emily and Aria watch Neilan go into a huge gated property.  Ezra sees a text from Andrew on Aria’s phone that says “Congrats on killing the test beautiful”.  Ezra asks who Andrew is.

While Ezra and Aria are distracted, Emily runs through the gate before it closes.  Ezra and Aria try to find a way out for Emily, while Emily looks around.  None of them notice the security camera on the gate.

Alison gets locked in the laundry room by the other prisoners.  While she’s in there, she hears a noise.  She screams when she realizes someone is in there with her.

Shaken up after being attacked, Alison calls her lawyer and asks if she can be moved to a safer facility if she accepts the plea bargain.

Aria tells Ezra that Andrew has been helping her study.  Ezra thinks Aria has been avoiding him, since she didn’t even tell him about her conditional acceptance to Savannah.  Aria denies avoiding him, but she’s quick to suggest that they split up while they search the property.

Back at Melissa’s flat, Spencer thanks Colin for the best night she’s had in a long time.  Colin also had a great time and he doesn’t want Spencer to leave so soon.  Spencer and Colin kiss.

Veronica Hastings visits Alison in jail and sees that Alison’s arm is injured.  Alison plans to take the plea deal if the DA gives her what she wants.  Veronica can’t imagine how horrible it must be for Alison in jail, but taking the plea deal isn’t the answer.

Alison knows the jury won’t believe her side of the story.  Veronica warns Alison that naming Hanna as an accomplice to a murder she didn’t commit is a terrible lie that Alison will have to live with for the rest of her life.

Emily digs through the trash and finds a pizza receipt with Varjak’s name on it.  Emily almost gets caught looking in the window.  She sees Neilan stuffing things into a bag.

Caleb tells Hanna that he talked to Toby.  Toby wouldn’t tell him what evidence the police have against Hanna, but he did say that a judge issued a warrant for Hanna’s arrest. 

Hanna’s ready to run away, but Caleb thinks that will make things worse for her.  Caleb pushes Hanna to tell Tanner about “A”.  Hanna is worried that “A” will retaliate, but Caleb points out “A” has already retaliated over and over again.  It’s time to stop “A”.

Hanna can’t decide to talk on her own.  Telling Tanner about “A” affects Aria, Spencer and Emily.  If she tells Tanner the truth, all the lies they told will also unravel.  Tanner will find out about New York and Aria killing Shana.  Hanna doesn’t want to screw her friends over the way Alison screwed her over.  Caleb doesn’t think Hanna has any other choice.

Hanna and Caleb go to the police station.  Hanna doesn’t think Tanner will believe her, but Caleb thinks the “A” texts on her phone are proof that she is telling the truth.

In the police station, Hanna tells the officer that she needs to talk to Tanner.  She can prove that someone is framing her and Alison.  When the police officer goes to get Tanner, Hanna pulls out her phone.  Suddenly, her messages are all deleted.  “A” hacked into her phone and wiped it clean.

Hanna is immediately arrested.  The police fingerprint her and take her mug shot.

Neilan leaves Varjak’s house and Emily runs back to Ezra and Aria.  The girls get a call telling them that Hanna was arrested.  They race to the police station.  Caleb asks them to show Tanner all the texts and photos that “A” sent them.  However, “A” has erased the data from their phones.  There is a text from “A” that says “Lets all start with a clean slate – A”.

Unable to prove Hanna’s innocence with the texts, Emily focuses on the Varjak pizza receipt.  The receipt has Varjak’s phone number on it.  Varjack could be “A” or could be working for “A”.  Emily decides to call the phone number.

Veronica Hastings tells Hanna’s mom that it might not be possible to get Hanna out on bail.  Alison hasn’t taken the plea deal yet, but Tanner found the clothes Mona was wearing the day she died.  Hanna’s blood was on the clothes.

Melissa walks in on Spencer packing.  She needs to get home as soon as possible to be there for Hanna.  Melissa doesn’t think Spencer should leave, since Spencer can’t do anything to help Hanna.  Besides, Spencer has an interview at St Andrews.

Spencer wants to reschedule the interview, so Melissa finally admits that there was no interview.  Wren has been desperately trying to get an interview for Spencer, but Spencer’s mom doesn’t really have a friend who works there.

Spencer's mom and Melissa pretended there was an interview to keep Spencer in London.  Spencer's mom thought that the police suspected Spencer was Alison's accomplice.  Spencer is furious that Melissa lied to her.  Melissa was just protecting Spencer, but Spencer reminds her that someone got killed the last time Melissa tried to protect her.

Aria and Ezra meet up to discuss Hanna’s arrest.  Aria can’t visit Hanna for a few days, since Hanna has to be fully processed.  Aria keeps thinking about how scared and alone Hanna must feel.  She’s worried Hanna won’t be let out on bail.

Aria admits that she's been avoiding Ezra.  She realized that she did miss out on a lot of high school experiences because of their relationship.  She doesn’t regret any of it, but she wants to be single when she goes to college.  Ezra supports Aria’s decision, but he thinks they should end things right away.  Putting it off will just make it harder.

Hanna, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, is brought to her jail cell.  She stares at Alison as she passes her. 

Alison's lawyer got the DA to agree to Alison serving her sentence in a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania.  All Alison has to do is tell the DA the name of her accomplice.  However, Alison has changed her mind.  She decides not to take the plea deal.

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