Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brandon Jones Talks Andrew, Aria, and “A”


Andrew Campbell certainly has a thing for the Liars on PLL.  First he had a thing for Spencer and now he’s making the moves on Aria.

Brandon Jones (Andrew on PLL) talked to TVLine about Andrew’s love life. “Andrew’s always been the knight in shining armor for these girls.  He’s a good guy, very prone to wanting love. And he gets infatuated by girls quickly, first with Spencer and now with Aria. I think Aria just needs someone in her life who’s intellectual and loving and cares about her.”

Brandon was surprised when he found out Andrew was into Aria.  “Honestly, I had no idea. They asked me to come back, and it wasn’t until I read the scripts that I started seeing a little romantic thing happening.”

So is Andrew just a fling for Aria?  Brandon offers some hope for PLL fans who are rooting for Aria and Andrew.  “I can say that Andrew and Aria’s relationship does slowly grow in the wake of her breakup with Ezra. … You never know, if Aria and Andrew’s relationship blossoms, maybe it will become one of those couples that people love to tweet about.”

Does Brandon think Andrew is “A”?  “He does seem to show up at the right places at the right time, doesn’t he? … I’ve actually gotten a lot of tweets about Andrew’s name starting with “A,” but you know what? Aria’s does, too! At one point or another, everyone has been suspected of being “A” on the show. For now, what you see is what you get with Andrew.”

Looks like Brandon doesn’t think Andrew Campbell is “A” on PLL.  Do you think Andrew is “A”?  And do you think Aria and Andrew make a cute couple?

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