Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PLL 5x14 Sneak Peek: Liars Try to Tear Down Alison’s Alibi

Things aren’t looking good for Spencer in "Through a Glass, Darkly" 5x14.  Bethany Young’s parents are at the courthouse, trying to get Spencer’s bail revoked.  Spencer’s mom is trying to fight it, but Spencer thinks she’ll end up back in jail.

Looks like the letter from Bethany that Liars found in Alison’s room in the Christmas episode isn’t helping them, after all.  Holbrook is trying to prove that Spencer forged the letter.

Aria reminds them that Mona was murdered because she found out that Alison hit Bethany with the shovel.  Aria thinks they can prove Spencer is innocent by proving that Alison killed Mona.  The police will realize that Mona’s murder and Bethany’s murder are connected.

Emily doubts they’ll be able to prove that Alison is a murderer, but Aria doesn’t want to give up.  If Mona was able to find proof, then the Liars should be able to as well.

Spencer realizes that they need to tear down Alison’s alibi.  Emily and Spencer know that Alison’s dad won’t budge, so they need to go to someone else.

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