Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PLL Sneak Peek 5x14: Jason Confronts Alison

In this sneak peek of “Through a Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14, Jason DiLaurentis stops by the DiLaurentis house to pick up some files for the office.  He looks through all the photos their dad kept.

Jason finds a family photo.  Alison remembers that was a great day, but Jason reminds her that it wasn’t.  Their dad lost his wallet, Jason and Alison were fighting the whole time and it took forever to get a photo of the whole family smiling.  Jason says both Alison and their dad have a knack of remembering things differently.  And Alison had their dad wrapped around her finger from day one.

Jason thinks Spencer and Emily's theory that Ali killed Mona is true.  Alison went somewhere Thanksgiving Day.  Then she came home and barely said a word.

Alison claims that she is being framed.  She says the Liars are all working together to get rid of her.  She insists that she didn’t kill Mona.

Do you believe that Alison didn’t kill Mona or do you think that she is lying?

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