Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paily Sneak Peek PLL 5x14

“Through a Looking Glass, Darkly” PLL episode 5x14 takes place three months after Christmas and Paige’s parents are still insisting that she move to California.  Emily still isn’t used to the idea of Paige leaving.  Concerned that Rosewood isn’t safe, Paige’s parents haven’t been swayed by Emily and Paige’s arguments to let her stay.  Even bringing up California’s earthquakes didn’t change their minds.

Paige is already packed for the move and will miss graduation at Rosewood High.  Emily is disappointed that they won’t be able to go to prom together.

Paige quotes an old song to Emily.  “Your eyes.  It’s day’s work just to look into them”.

Are you sad that Paige is leaving Rosewood?

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