Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toby and Caleb’s Budding Bromance on PLL

Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn
Keegan Allen & Tyler Blackburn Credit: Marlene King Instagram
“Pretty Little Liars” stars Keegan Allen (Toby on PLL) and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on PLL) discussed the season five bromance that evolves between Toby Cavanaugh and Caleb Rivers.

Keegan Allen loves Tyler Blackburn, but it is hard to film scenes with Tyler because they have so much fun and they both will start laughing over nothing.  Keegan will have to mentally prepare himself before filming with Tyler.  He’ll think about intense things and try not to look Tyler in the eye while they are filming a scene.

Tyler Blackburn brings up the fact that he hadn’t had scenes where he interacts with Ian Harding (Ezra), so there is an underlying thing with Keegan.  Tyler thinks that Toby and Caleb are similar because they are both orphaned, in a way.  He thinks it is great that Toby and Caleb have a bromance because this is a very girl-centric show.

Do you want to see more bromances on "Pretty Little Liars"?

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