Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recap of “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me” PLL Episode 5x11

Aria and Mona have a heart-to-heart, Emily suspects Alison is “A” and Spencer finally learns Melissa’s secret.

In a throwback to “Whirly Girlie”, the Liars are back in front of the Rosewood Police Station, only this time they are without Alison.  Emily, Hanna and Spencer seem sure that telling the truth is the right thing, but Aria is silent.  Before the Liars can go in, they turn around to see the televisions in the store behind them all switch to a photo of Ali in a candy striper outfit (from when she visited the hospital after Hanna got hit by the car at Mona's party).  There is a message from “A”: “We’re in this together”.

Now that “A” has photo evidence of Ali visiting Hanna when she was supposedly dead, the Liars can’t go to the police.  No one would believe that they didn’t know Ali was alive.  Furious, Spencer grabs a brick to throw at the televisions.  Her friends stop her before she goes through with it.  The screens switch to live camera footage of all the girls.  There’s a new message: “Act normal, bitches". 

Emily and Spencer stop at the Brew, Aria heads home, and Hanna goes to check on Caleb.  Emily orders two decaf coffees loaded with whip cream.  Emily thinks the “We’re all in this together” threat was not from “A”, but from Ali.  Spencer says it may also be “A” tricking them into thinking it was Ali. 

Ali calls Spencer, but Spencer ignores the call.  Emily explains that she wasn’t defending Ali these past few weeks.  She’s been defending someone from a long time ago.  A person who never existed.  Emily now realizes that what she had with Paige was so genuine.  Spencer asks if Emily can fix her relationship with Paige, but Emily doesn’t think it will be easy.

Ali now calls Emily, who also doesn’t pick up.  Emily reads a message from Ali and learns that Ali’s dad is taking her out of town because he’s worried about the kidnapper being on the loose.    

Caleb is asleep when Hanna arrives at the cabin.  She kisses him and accidently scares him.  Hanna realizes that Caleb has been drinking again.  Hanna is upset, since they had an understanding that they would stop drinking.  Caleb says drinking helps him sleep. 

Hanna explains that they never got inside the police station.  They can’t tell the cops the truth when “A” has photos of Ali leaving the hospital when she was supposed to be dead.  Now they are back where they started.

Aria comes home and is disturbed to see Mike and Mona back together again.  Mona offers Mike and Aria some hot chocolate.

Emily goes to Ezra’s apartment to ask for help investigating Ali’s connection to Cyrus Petrillo.  Ezra and Emily think Cyrus confessed to a crime he didn’t commit because someone had something worse to blackmail him with.  Emily shows Ezra one of Noel’s photos of Ali when she was supposed to be dead.  Ezra agrees to investigate more.  Emily makes it clear that she only trusting him with this because he is the only person who might be able to help her.

Aria does some homework in her room.  Her dad, Byron, lets her know that Mike took Mona home.  Aria warns her dad that Mike and Mona’s relationship is a bad idea.  Aria doesn’t believe that Mona genuinely likes Mike.  Aria’s dad knows Aria has a lot of history with Mona.  However, warning Mike about Mona will only make Mike upset with them.  Aria’s dad suggests that they keep their distance from the relationship, but also keep an eye on it.  Aria agrees to try.  Aria’s dad mentions that they will be going out for a family movie night tomorrow.

Emily, Hanna and Spencer all agree that Mike deserves someone better than Mona.  Aria knows they can’t do anything about it, since interfering will only drive Mike and Mona closer together.  Still thinking about last night's threat, Hanna points out that “A” isn’t the only one who wants to keep them quiet.  Alison does, too.

Hanna asks Spencer if she can get the number of Dean, Spencer's former sober coach.  She’s worried about Caleb’s drinking.  Spencer doesn’t think Hanna can introduce Caleb to a stranger and get him to talk about addiction.  Spencer can think of a better person to talk to Caleb.

Emily explains to Paige that Sydney turned out to be a liar.  Emily isn’t kicking her off the swim team, though.  She wants to keep an eye on her.  Emily only sees Paige at swim practice, so she asks to meet up with Paige later.  Paige is busy tonight, but she does think they should talk.

Spencer calls Toby and asks him to come over to help Caleb.  Hanna isn’t sure Toby can help, but Spencer tells her to never underestimate the power of a good bromance.  Spencer finds a letter from Melissa.  The letter says that their dad is taking her to the airport, but she promises that Spencer will know everything soon.

Emily, Aria and Hanna are walking toward the Mermaid Café, discussing the note Melissa left for Spencer.  None of the girls have been answering Ali’s calls.  Hanna wonders why Ali was able to leave town, after “A” clearly said that she couldn’t.  Aria points out that Ali made a deal with Noel before.  They wonder if Ali made a deal with “A” to leave town.  The girls run into Lt. Tanner, who wants to have a talk with them.

Spencer and Toby get some quality kissing time in at Spencer’s empty house.  The last time Toby saw Caleb was a couple nights after his house blew up.  Spencer tells him that Hanna has stopped drinking, but Caleb hasn’t.  Spencer thinks Caleb looks haunted.  Toby says Caleb has looked that way ever since he came back from Ravenswood.

Lt. Tanner assures the girls that the police will catch Cyrus Petrillo.  Tanner asks who the girls think killed Bethany Young.  She finds it strange that none of the girls have wondered about it.  Tanner says they haven’t found a single connection between the girls and Bethany Young, except that she was murdered 30 yards away from the girls’ sleepover.  Tanner leaves and Aria is on the verge of throwing up.

Spencer calls Hanna and tells her to get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille.  Hanna tells Spencer that Tanner thinks they killed Bethany Young.  Spencer is certain that there isn’t any connection between them and Bethany, but Hanna points out that they recently made connections.  Aria got Bethany’s drawings and Spencer went to the stables to find out about Bethany’s horse.  Hanna doesn’t think the police believe Ali’s lies and the cops still think the girls are the five Mouseketeers. 

A package is delivered to Spencer’s house while she is talking to Hanna.  Toby shows her the envelope, which is from Melissa.

Alone, Spencer watches the video Melissa sent her.  In the video, Melissa explains that she's going back to England.  Their dad has been pushing her to go back ever since he learned her secret.  Melissa heard Spencer and Ali fighting the night Ali disappeared.  She also saw Spencer with a shovel.  Melissa says that everyone who made the mistake of touching Ali was there that night. 

Melissa saw the body and at the time, she thought Spencer killed Ali.  Melissa couldn’t look at the face, so she just pushed the body into the hole and buried the body.  Now she realizes that she buried Bethany Young alive.  Melissa just wanted to protect Spencer. 

Melissa thinks sometimes people cross the line from survivor to predator.  She thinks that is what happened to them.  Spencer is shocked by Melissa’s confession.

Hanna, Spencer and Toby are at the Apple Rose Grille, ready for Caleb’s intervention.  Hanna is nervous and warns Toby not to rush into it.  She’ll tap his foot when she thinks it is time to bring up Caleb’s drinking.  Caleb comes in and Toby jumps straight into the confrontation by asking why Caleb can’t sleep.  Toby says they are all worried about him.  Hanna stares at Spencer, irritated by Toby’s lack of tact.  Spencer suggests that this must be how boys communicate.  Caleb is ready to bolt, but stays when Toby says that Hanna is scared.

Emily is surprised to see Paige buying two coffees at the Brew.  Paige is dressed up and Emily realizes that Paige must have plans with someone. 

Aria arrives at the theater and unexpectedly finds Mona there.  Apparently, Aria’s mom had to cancel and Mike invited Mona instead.  Aria is forced to sit next to her.  Aria is surprised to see Paige come in with a date. 

Hanna and Spencer sit at the bar, while Toby and Caleb talk at the table.  Hanna doesn’t understand why Caleb can’t talk to her.  Perhaps thinking about Melissa, Spencer says that sometimes people can’t tell the truth because they are afraid of what you’ll think of them.  Maybe they’re afraid that they let you down or you let them down.  Hanna thinks if you love someone, you should be able to tell them anything.

Caleb tells Toby that drinking to help fall asleep is human nature.  Toby pushes him to deal with his problems.  He asks what is scaring Caleb so much that he would rather drink and push Hanna away, rather than deal with it.  Caleb storms off without giving an answer.

Aria, unable to continue watching Mike and Mona together, whispers something to Mona.  Mona immediately fights back tears.  Mona quickly leaves her seat.  Paige and Mike watch her leave.

Spencer tries to enjoy dinner, but Toby isn’t feeling up to it.  He blames himself for messing up Caleb’s intervention.  He wants to take off, but Spencer begs him not to go.  Spencer tells him Melissa’s going-away present was the truth.  She has no idea what to do with it.

Ezra tells Emily that the photo of Ali was taken 16 months ago.  He was able to find another photo, which clearly shows Cyrus Petrillo standing next to Ali in front of an ATM.  Ezra says Cyrus uses a few different names.  He’s been arrested half a dozen times for petty crime.  He doesn’t have any convictions.  Emily wonders what Ali promised him to make him confess.  Emily knows Ali has an amazing gift of knowing what people want and what is missing in their lives.  Ezra thinks that is a special talent that causes a lot of damage.

Mike is worried about Mona, who’s been gone a long time.  Aria agrees to check on her.  Aria finds Mona wiping tears away in the bathroom.  Mona says Ali underestimated Aria.  Aria knows where to put the knife and is not afraid to twist it.  Aria apologizes for what she said, but Mona isn’t buying it.  Mona realizes that Aria is right.  Aria’s dad should throw her out of the house after all the things she did to Aria and the way she treated Mike.  Mona knows Mike deserves someone nice.  Mona admits that nice is not something she is.

Crying, Mona says she should have died when she fell off the cliff.  Horrified, Aria says that Mona should never say that.  Mona explains that all she has been doing is protecting herself from Alison.  Aria realizes that’s the reason Mona built an army.  Mona says it is hard to keep the troops in line when Ali offers them candy, a smile and that lilting laugh.

Mona warns Aria that Ali will come after the Liars after she is finished destroying Mona.  Ali can’t trust them after Cyrus and New York.  Mona knows some things about New York and she can guess about other things.  In a moment of vulnerability, Mona asks Aria if Mike really likes her.

Spencer watches Melissa’s confession again, still conflicted by what she’s learned.

Aria’s dad asks Aria what happened with Mona at the theater.  Aria doesn’t give details, since things said in the powder room stay in the powder room.  However, Aria now thinks everything will be okay with Mike and Mona.  She just needs to keep an eye on Mona.  There is a knock at the door and Aria’s dad says it must be Lt. Tanner.

Caleb immediately starts packing a bag, ready to run.  Hanna turns on the light and tells him that she’s been waiting for an hour.  She came to apologizes for the intervention, but she’s changed her mind.  She spent the last hour worried he was hurt or in an accident.  He can’t take care of himself right now.  Hanna will fight for him, but he has to trust her.  If he doesn’t trust her, then she might as well help him pack.

Aria’s dad expresses his displeasure at Tanner for talking to the girls without adults around.  Tanner denies breaking any rules.  Aria’s dad suggests that the police focus on finding the kidnapper.  Tanner wonders why a person who has confessed to murder would suddenly disappear the moment he is released.  In her experience working homicides, the cases usually become less complicated.  When a homicide gets more complicated over time, it usually means someone smart is doing that on purpose.

Aria’s dad is only interested in how this concerns Aria.  Tanner thinks Aria may be involved in a homicide, but she is certain that Aria is involved in the complications of the case.  Tanner has been waiting for one of the girls to step up and tell the truth.  Now one girl has come forward and Tanner plans to have an enlightening conversation with her tomorrow.  Aria’s dad asks which girl wants to talk, but Tanner doesn’t answer.  Aria, who was listening to the conversation from another room, meets up to tell her friends what Tanner said.

Hanna isn’t answering her phone, so Aria just meets with Spencer and Emily.  The girls realize it must be Ali who is going to talk to Tanner.  Emily thinks they can stop her with Ezra’s photo of Cyrus with Ali at the ATM.  The photo may end Ali’s kidnap lie, depending on what truth Ali decides to tell this time.  Spencer decides to show the girls Melissa’s video confession.

Caleb explains what happened in Ravenswood.  The town made a pact/contract with the preacher.  That meant there were loopholes.  They took jars down to the bridge and opened them, releasing whatever was inside.  The air was filled with millions of fireflies.  Grunwald called it ‘great ascendency’.  Since then, there were no demons, no messages and no revenge.  No Miranda, either.  Hanna tries to convince Caleb that he kept his promise and took care of Miranda.  Caleb has trouble believing that. 

Caleb says that he isn’t the same person he was when he left.  He can sleep, but he’s afraid of his dreams.  After Miranda died, she talked to him in his dream.  Caleb is afraid that Miranda will tell him it was all wrong and it’s all his fault.  Hanna says that she’s changed, too.  They can get through this together.  She didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending.  While they kiss, the Ouija pointer points to ‘goodbye’.

Spencer, Aria and Emily discuss Melissa killing Bethany Young.  Spencer says Melissa thought she was burying a dead body.  The girls wonder why Bethany was wearing a duplicate set of Ali’s clothes.  They realize that it was always someone’s idea for Bethany to take Ali’s place.  Emily thinks they need to find a way around the picture of “A” in the hospital.  Aria and Spencer wonder why Emily said “A” instead of Ali.  Emily says it was a slip of the tongue.

Caleb sleeps, while Hanna watches the fireflies outside.

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