Thursday, August 21, 2014

Immediately Afterlife

"Immediately Afterlife", funded by Kickstarter, is a short film created by PLL cast and crew.  Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell encouraged Kyle Hasday (PLL key set production assistant) and Matt Stewart (PLL production assistant) to write/direct the movie and agreed to star in it, along with Ian Harding and Nolan North (Spencer’s dad Peter Hastings on PLL).

Shay Mitchell stars as Marissa, Troian Bellisario as Bennett, Ian Harding as Elder Paul Fields, and Nolan North as the cult leader.

Here’s the movie synopsis: 
Never doubt your faith at a second chance.  Bennett and Marissa are the sole survivors of the final suicidal act of their religious cult.  Confused, relieved, angry and unfulfilled, the two followers each question one another's motives for joining, living, and surviving under the control of their Leader.  Faced with their own doubts, Bennett and Marissa must confront their feelings and fears while deciding what life to live after near-death.

Check out "Immediately Afterlife":

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