Friday, August 22, 2014

Sneak Peek of “Taking This One To The Grave” PLL Episode 5x12

The fAtal Finale is next Tuesday night and someone will die.  Here’s what we know so far:

The murder is violent, resulting in a large amount of blood at the crime scene.  Hanna is devastated as the girls get a text from “A” that says “It’s all your fault”.  Aria is shocked to hear Mona’s theory that Ali is “A” and a sociopath.  Ali’s pissed off at Emily.  And someone gets arrested. 

Officer Holbrook wants the truth from Alison and he’s not going to wait around for Lt. Tanner.  Officer Holbrook has Alison take a lie detector test at the police station.

Hanna and Caleb are the lookouts for Mona and Spencer, who are breaking into Radley.  No candy striper outfits this time though.  They are both dressed as nurses.  And Hanna, always with the best lines, forgets to use the secret code phrase when she frantically warns them that Officer Holbrook is coming in.

Emily is responsible for keeping Ali busy while the Liars are putting their plan into action.  Ali looks at Emily’s phone and finds out that the Liars think she is "A".

Emily, Hanna and Caleb are busy putting up Christmas decorations.  Seems like Emily is the only one with Christmas spirit, though.

In the Canadian promo, Mona tells someone to send out a code “A”.  Mona knows Ali is plotting something big.  Spencer is worried that she is an accessory to murder in Melissa’s story.  Hanna lies to Caleb.  Paige warns everyone that Ali is building an army of her own.

Who do you think will die in the PLL fAtal finale?

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