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Lindsey Shaw Talks Paily PLL Season 5

Lucy Hale and Lindsey Shaw
Lindsey Shaw and Lucy Hale, Credit: Lucy Hale's Instagram

Paige, played by actress Lindsey Shaw, has been on a long journey throughout the seasons of “Pretty Little Liars”.  Lindsey talked to Starry Constellation Magazine about Paige’s journey and relationship with Emily.

Lindsey’s reaction to Paige and Emily’s breakup:
Lindsey wants Paily to work, so it was heartbreaking.  At the same time, this gives both Paige and Emily the chance to discover different sides to themselves.  And Paige has a lot to sort through with Ali’s return to Rosewood.  Paige “is trying to really take the high road where this big gash, this wound in her life is.  She wants her girlfriend to come along with her, but she is choosing herself.  Paige is choosing herself and I think that is incredibly strong and beautiful”.

Will Alison and Paige’s dynamic change?
Lindsey doesn’t think so, since Ali’s apology is too little, too late.  She doesn’t believe Ali has really changed.  “I think she is going to continue endangering not only Paige, but the woman Paige loves (Emily). She is just done with the games, but knows the games aren’t going to end. She did it as much for Emily as she did it for herself”.  So Lindsey thinks Ali and Paige will continue to have mutual dislike.

Paige and Mona’s Connection:
“I think that Mona and Paige connect at the deepest level, which is their hurt, vulnerability and their sadness. I think when two people connect like that, no matter over what sort of comes from it, it is just a very strong bond. I think beneath it all is they are hurt and they are finding refuge in one another. They are just trying to protect themselves”.  Although they connect on that level, Paige is trying to do what is right and not play Mona’s game.

Filming the Paige and Ali confrontation:
Lindsey says filming that scene was intense and fun.  “I think what really came through is the strength it takes to look someone in the eye and say, ‘I was devastated by what you did to me’”.

How will Paige react to Emily’s semi-romance with Alison?
Lindsey isn’t sure if Paige will play it cool or fight for Emily.  Regardless, it probably won’t change Paige’s feelings for Emily.  “I don’t think there is anything Emily could ever do that would make Paige not on her team or not wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt. There isn’t much that Paige won’t overlook for her. I don’t know. It could be a stormy revelation, but at the same time she is in it for the long haul”.

Will Emily find out about the cruel fake love letter Alison wrote to Paige?
Lindsey doesn’t think so, since Paige is trying really hard to let the past go and move on.

Best part about playing Paige?
“The thing that I just admire the most about Paige is that she is not afraid anymore. She has not only gotten into her fear, but worn it like a cape. She let her vulnerability hang out there and let out these emotions that you don’t want other people to see”.  Paige is coming into her own and has been making courageous choices.

Regardless of whether you are a Paily fan or an Emison fan, Lindsey Shaw is a phenomenal actress who really understands her character Paige McCullers.  She was amazing in "Miss Me x 100" when she confronted Ali about the bullying.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for Paige on “Pretty Little Liars” as the season goes on.

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