Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PLL Renewed for Sixth AND Seventh Season

Great news, PLL fans!  We were anxiously waiting to hear news that Pretty Little Liars is renewed for its sixth season, but we got more than expected. 

ABC Family is renewing Pretty Little Liars for season six AND season seventh. 

Marlene King, creator of the show PLL, has confirmed the renewal on Twitter.  She tweeted “Yes it rea is PLL Day!  ABC Family Renews ‘Pretty Little Liars’ for Sixth and Seventh Seasons”.

Janel Parrish, Mona on PLL, also tweeted about the big news: “Yes we did!  We just got picked up for 2 more seasons of #PrettyLittleLiars!  Season 6 and 7, here we come!”.

Tammin Sursok, Jenna on PLL, tweeted her appreciation for Pretty Little Liars fans.  She tweeted “#PLL renewed for 2 more seasons.  Thank you to you.  The fans breathed life into this wonderful show.  We love you, we love you”.

And the renewal news was a shock to some of the cast, as well.  Cody Christian, Aria’s little brother Mike Montgomery, tweeted “Just heard the news regarding Pretty Little Liars.  Honestly, I’m in shock.  We’re unstoppable”.

Drew Van Acker, Ali’s older brother Jason DiLaurentis, tweeted “Great news on the #PLL front … 2 more seasons!!!”

And Brendan Robinson, Lucas on PLL, tweeted “It’s official!!  We’ve been picked up for Season 6 & 7!!”  Best #PLLDay ever!!”

Definitely two more seasons of Pretty Little Liars?  This is cause for celebration. 

Anyone hoping for a season eight of Pretty Little Liars?


  1. i am hoping for a season eight of Pretty Little Liars? and they to bring up Sarah Harvey

    1. I’m also hoping for an eighth season, but the chances aren’t looking good. Lucy Hale said the show is ending after the seventh season.
      I wonder when we will find out more about Sarah Harvey.