Thursday, June 12, 2014

CeCe’s Not a Villain – Sort Of

So CeCe Drake is not the evil “A” that we once suspected she was.  Despite all the stories about bad blood between CeCe and Ali, it looks like Ali and CeCe really are besties.  And there were a lot of bad stories about their relationship.   

CeCe’s former roommate from UPenn had said that Ali played a prank on CeCe that resulted in CeCe getting kicked out of UPenn.  The roommate said that CeCe hated Ali and her friends after that.  Not true?

And Mrs. DiLaurentis claimed that she hated CeCe.  Mrs. DiLaurentis was furious when CeCe pretended to be Ali and checked into Radley, tricking Mrs. DiLaurentis into thinking Ali had been institutionalized.  Mrs. DiLaurentis banned CeCe from their house after that.  Then again, CeCe was wearing the clothing that Mrs. DiLaurentis had bought and left in Ali’s room.  And Mrs. DiLaurentis paid CeCe to keep quiet about Spencer’s fight with Ali the night Ali disappeared.  Still, Mrs. DiLaurentis's belief that Ali and CeCe brought the worst out in each other was certainly compelling.

According to Ali, CeCe knew Ali was alive and helped her save Emily from “A” in Ravenswood.  And in return, Ali was willing to give her escape plan to CeCe by handing over her fake passport and plane ticket.  Seems like CeCe and Ali would do anything for each other. 

Yes, it looks like CeCe really did kill Wilden, but CeCe wasn’t out to get the Pretty Little Liars.  Does that mean she really did give Spencer’s UPenn application to her friend in admissions?  Let’s hope so.

Hope CeCe will eventually make a return to Rosewood. 

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