Thursday, June 12, 2014

PLL Actress Troian Bellisario Gives a Tour of Spencer’s Bedroom on PLL Set

Troian Bellisario gave ABC’s Nightline a tour of Spencer’s bedroom on the set of "Pretty Little Liars". 

Troian points out that a lot of the things in Spencer’s bedroom have changed.  In season one, Spencer really wanted to be an interior decorator.  So they put color palettes and sketching utensils around the room. 

Later on, the show started putting up meditation and Buddism imagery in Spencer’s room, including Zen gardens and meditation bells.  Troian didn’t know where that came from until she was told that Spencer picked up meditation when she was institutionalized at Radley back in season 3 (after she thought Toby had died).

Troian also pointed out a framed picture of her and Sasha Pieterse that was taken when filming.  Troian and Sasha are wearing blankets in the photo because it was snowing when PLL filmed the bikini scene that they were shooting.  Troian and Sasha had to be painted pink because the network thought that the girls looked dead.

In all the girls’ rooms, they have actual pictures of the actresses when they were little.

Pictures of Spencer’s boyfriend Toby are scattered all over the room, too.

Spencer’s bed is Troian’s favorite place to shoot scenes because she gets to lie down and be lazy while filming. 

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Do you love Spencer’s bedroom or would you rather have Aria, Emily or Hanna’s bedroom?

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