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Recap of Summer Premiere “Escape From New York” PLL Episode 5x01

The summer premiere “Escape From New York” episode 5x01 was an explosive start to season five of Pretty Little Liars.  The Pretty Little Liars are still in New York, Ezra’s in the hospital, Mona gets busy, CeCe makes a surprise appearance and Shana’s return leads to a shocking ending.

Last season of PLL left off with the police looking for the girls, who had gone missing.  The girls were in New York secretly meeting up with Ali.  When “A” came to attack them, Ezra stepped in to save the girls.  “A” shot Ezra and we were left unsure of his fate.  If you need a refresher, you can read the recap of “A is for Answers”.

“Escape From New York” starts with Ezra being rolled out on a stretcher to an ambulance.  The EMTs say that his pulse is weak.  Spencer, Hanna, and Emily hold Aria back as Aria tries to go to Ezra. 

Noel is talking to the police.  He tells them that he heard a gunshot and ran up to the roof, where he found Ezra shot.  Noel looks at the girls, but doesn’t say anything to the police about them.

Spencer tries to convince Aria not to rush over to the ambulance.  If Aria goes over to the police, they might think she knows something.  She’ll end up spending the night at the police station and never get to the hospital.  Spencer promises Aria that they will find out where Ezra was taken and get her to the hospital to be with him. 

Meanwhile, Ali is standing on the balcony looking down.  As the ambulance pulls away, Ali notices “A” dressed in all black, clinging to the top of ambulance.

At the hospital, “A” hangs around as Ezra gets taken to the operating room. 

Spencer asks Hanna if she knows what to say.  She hands a phone to Hanna and tells her not to spend a second longer than she has to on the call. 

Emily asks Ali if she’s sure she wants to do this.  Ali tells Emily that Ezra saved her life.  He saved all of their lives. Ali agrees with Hanna’s opinion that her mom isn’t “A”.  She couldn’t have made that jump on the roof.  And now “A” is after Ezra. 

Aria says that she understands that the plan was to get Ali out of town tonight, but things have changed now that they know “A” is after Ezra.  Emily says she gets that “A” wants to shut Ezra up, but Ali is still a target.  Aria tells Emily that Ezra will be able to tell them who “A” is and everything will be over. 

Over the phone, Hanna tells the cops that the shooting victim is Ezra Fitz.  He may not be safe at the hospital and they should send a cop car over there, since the shooting wasn’t random.  Aria is concerned, but Hanna reassures her that the cops are probably already on the way to the hospital.

Spencer tries to explain the merits of her plan, but Hanna tells her that they don’t need a history lesson.  It’s simple.  They need to act as decoys and split up.  Ali tells Spencer that there is no art to this war.

Before splitting up, Hanna hands Ali and Aria the gun that “A” shot Ezra with.  Aria takes the gun.  Emily says that she is giving them ten minutes, and then she’ll make the call. 

Ali and Aria take off, but Emily doesn’t move.  Hanna and Spencer urge Emily to come with them, but Emily is worried about Ali.  Spencer tells Emily that Ali can take care of herself.  Spencer, Hanna and Emily need to get to the hospital before Ali and Aria so that “A” sees them come in.

In Rosewood, Spencer’s mom talks to Hanna’s mom over the phone.  Both moms are worried about the girls.  After Mrs. Hastings hangs up the phone, Melissa expresses her disbelief that Spencer knew Ali was alive this whole time. 

Mrs. Hastings doesn’t want to believe that Spencer knew all along that Ali was alive.  The photo Officer Holbrook showed her of the girls with Ali was taken a month ago, so Mrs. Hastings thinks that is when the girls found out Ali was alive.  That was the time Spencer started taking pills, lying and spiraling out of control. 

Melissa is furious at Ali, but Mrs. Hastings wants to reserve judgment of Ali.  Melissa says that Ali has been at the center of every mess Spencer ever got into.  Ali is a walking time bomb, but Ali never blows up.  It’s everyone around Ali who gets hurt.   

Melissa can understand Ali running away, but she cannot understand how Ali could let her friends and family think she was dead.  Melissa breaks down in tears.  Mrs. Hastings reassures Melissa that Ali is alive, thinking that Melissa is crying for Ali. 

Melissa says that she’s not crying for Ali.  She feels awful for the other family who is missing their daughter.  The family who has no idea their daughter is dead and buried in Ali’s grave. 

Mrs. Hastings is confident that the police will find out more about the dead girl.  It’s just a matter of time.  Melissa tells her mom that there is something she needs to know.  Melissa is about to tell her secret, but they get interrupted by a knock at the door.

Aria asks Ali how Ezra knew where to find them.  Ali suggests that Ezra may have been following “A”.  Aria says that “A” was following them.  That’s what Ali was afraid of, that “A” would follow the girls and find out where Ali was.  Ali tells Aria that she knows why Ezra was looking for her.  Ezra wants to win Aria back.  Ali asks Aria if Ezra has a chance.  Aria says that she can’t think about that.  She doesn’t even know if Ezra’s alive. 

Officer Holbrook stops by the Hastings residence to inform them that CeCe Drake has escaped police custody.  Officer Maple was discovered unconscious on the road.  The police can’t find his patrol car or CeCe.  CeCe knows Ali is alive and she knows where girls are.  If she’s mixed up in this, Spencer could be in more danger.  Officer Holbrook asks if there is anything else they haven’t told him.  Melissa is about to say something, but Mr. Hastings stops her by saying that they already told the police everything.  Mrs. Hastings looks at Melissa and her husband suspiciously.

Back in Rosewood, Mona is watching news.  The news reports that Ali is thought to be alive.  The police are looking for Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Ali in Philadelphia.  Mona says that this changes everything.

“A” walks out of an IMCU staff only door, wearing a white doctor’s coat.  “A” heads toward the surgery area, but police come and stand in front of the door.  “A” takes off the white coat and leaves.

Ezra is on the operating table and things aren't looking good.  The doctor says that there is a ton of debris.  Ezra is losing too much blood.  The doctor says to clamp the artery and tells Ezra not to die on her.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily arrive at the hospital.  They see “A” on the phone, who doesn’t see them.  The girls go to the waiting room and sit down.   

Aria and Ali rush into the hospital and ask the staff about Ezra.

Emily, Spencer and Hanna are trying to look casual in the waiting room, reading magazines.   Emily says that she hates this.  Spencer just hopes that the plan works.  “A” watches the girls. 

Over the intercom, there is an announcement for Alison DiLaurentis to report to the emergency room.  After hearing that, “A” sends a group message on the phone, texting “Its happening.  Follow the leader”.

Aria tells Ali that she better get out of there.  Ali takes off.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily run out of the waiting room and watch “A” get in elevator.  The girls run to the stairs.  “A” gets off the elevator and follows Ali outside. 

Aria sees police outside of the surgery ward.  Unable to go in, Aria waits nearby.

Ali walks away from the hospital and a taxi almost hits her.  Ali turns to see ”A” staring at her.  “A” is dressed in all black and has a black face mask.  Ali is chased to a park.  He is suddenly behind her and creepily asks her “Wanna play”?

He tells her that it is over, but Ali says it isn’t.  Suddenly Spencer appears and asks if he really thought they would let Ali go alone.  Emily says that they paged Ali so that “A” would know she was there.  Ali uses pepper spray on him and he falls backwards.

Another man dressed in all black and wearing a face mask shows up behind them.  He asks if they are sure the original man was “A”.  He suggests that he is “A”.  Or maybe it is someone else.  Suddenly, the girls are surrounded by people dressed as “A”.

A NYPD cop car drives by and tells the crowd to break it up and disperse.  Hanna, Ali, Spencer and Emily hide behind a slide.  They realize that “A” was one step away ahead of them, but at least they succeeded in getting “A” away from Ezra.

At the hospital, Aria overhears a nurse talking to Ms. Fitzgerald over the phone.  The nurse explains that they successfully removed the bullet, but the arterial damage is extensive.  

On the phone, Mona tells someone “You need to stay on top of this.  We’re mobilizing”.  Mona tells Lucas, who is in the room with her, that the girls are not in Philadelphia.  They are in New York.  Lucas wants to know where the others are.  Mona had told him that there would be more people.  Mona tells Lucas that the others are coming.

Melissa comes downstairs and turns the lights on.  Peter Hastings is sitting in dark in the kitchen.  Melissa tells him that she can’t keep it a secret anymore.  She wants to tell Officer Holbrook the truth.  When Spencer finds out, she’ll have a reason to come home.  Mr. Hastings continues to drink.  He tells Melissa that Mrs. Hastings can never know Melissa’s secret.

Officer Holbrook gets a call from a NYPD detective.  He is told about Ezra Fitz being shot.  Officer Holbrook does a record search of Ezra Fitz on his computer.

The girls call Aria and explain how “A” tricked them.  Aria is sorry that they lost the bitch, but they did get “A” away from Ezra.  Ali asks if Ezra’s out of surgery. 

Aria explains that Ezra’s mom is getting on plane from Sydney.  Right now, she’s the only one at the hospital for Ezra.  Hanna asks Aria if she wants them to come to the hospital.  Aria says no.  She’s blending in at the hospital, but with five of them there it would be like waving a red flag to “A”.  Aria makes them promise that they’ll be safe. Spencer tells her not to worry about them.

Emily is concerned for Ali’s safety.  If “A” can’t get to Ezra, then Ali is the available target.  Hanna says that they can’t stand out on the street like sitting ducks.  Ali says that she knows a place they can go.

The girls go hide out in a theater.  Ali turns lights on.  The girls are all on the stage.  Hanna says it’s impressive.  Ali says that Ezra didn’t bring her there to impress her.  It was his special place. 

Flashback to the first time Ezra brought Ali to the theater.  Ezra explains that he has access to the theater because a friend of the family works there. 

Ali gets on the stage and looks out at all the seats.  She tells Ezra that she could be actress.  Ezra says that Ali already is an actress, telling stories with such conviction.  Ali says that if you can’t convince yourself that lies are truth, then why should anyone else believe them.  Ezra says that Ali really is his Holly Golightly. 

A janitor comes in when he hears the voices, asking who is there.  When he sees Ezra, he apologizes to Mr. Fitzgerald.  Ali, hearing Ezra’s last name is Fitzgerald, put things together.

It was then that Ali realized Ezra was a rich boy pretending to be a poor boy.  She liked him more for that.  Not because he didn’t want the money, but because he totally had her fooled.  She used to think that was an asset back then. 

Back in the present, Hanna grabs a prop gun on the stage and points out that the gun is real.  Spencer quickly takes the gun away from Hanna.

The girls wonder if they can spend night at the theater.  Ali says that she’s done it before.  The theater doesn’t open until noon.  Spencer’s stomach growls loudly, so the girls decide to raid the concession stand.  All they find is junk food, but Hanna points out that they can count Gummy Bears as fruit and Nutty Chews as protein. 

Spencer, Hanna and Emily talk about Freaky Foodies, a show that Spencer is obsessed with and the girls watched an entire marathon of the show.  As the girls remember and laugh, Ali looks left out and sad. 

Ali tells the others that she has to make some calls.  Spencer asks who Ali needs to talk to.  Ali just says that she needs let her friends know that she is okay.  Some of her friends risked a lot to help her. 

After Ali walks away, Hanna follows her.  Spencer and Emily stay put near the concession stand.  It doesn’t seem like Hanna can figure out what Ali is saying on the phone.

Back at the hospital, Shana suddenly appears in the waiting room.  Shana tells Aria that Ali sent her to make sure she is okay.  Aria gets up and sits somewhere else, telling Shana that she doesn’t need a watchdog.  Shana tells Aria that she doesn’t have to like her, but Shana is staying because she promised Ali that she would. 

Shana takes a seat next to Aria and offers to get her something.  Aria declines.  Shana mentions that Aria looks exhausted.  Shana tells Aria not to worry.  She’ll wake Aria up if there is any news.

Spencer tells Hanna and Emily that Ali is already shutting them out again.  Hanna is concerned that Ali might overhear them, even though Spencer points out that Ali is fast asleep.  Hanna walks over to Ali and waves her hand in front of Ali’s face to make sure that Ali really is asleep.

Emily defends Ali, telling Spencer and Hanna that it makes sense that Ali had people helping her.  If it were them, they would want Ali to call.  Spencer points out that it is them.  They are the ones risking everything to help Ali, not some random do-gooders Ali met along the way. 

Emily thinks everything will be over in a few more hours, as soon as Ezra tells them who “A” is.  Emily asks them to imagine life without “A”.  They’d actually have time for hobbies. 

Hanna says that she wouldn’t mind taking up sport.  She’s always liked Spencer’s field hockey skirt.  Spencer says Hanna’s welcome to have it. 

Spencer says that she wouldn’t want to go back to person was before “A”.  Back then, all she cared about was winning.  Now she just really wants to be happy. 

At the hospital, the police are still guarding the surgery ward.  One police officer leaves to gets snacks.  Shana watches Aria, who has fallen asleep.  Shana picks up Aria’s jacket off the floor and drapes it over Aria.  Shana then walks away.

Someone comes into the theater while the girls are all sleeping.  The person puts black gloved hand over Ali’s mouth, causing Ali to suddenly wake.

In another room, Ali is wide awake and asks “how did you find me?”  Turns out she’s talking to CeCe Drake.  CeCe says that they don’t just look alike, but they also think alike.  Ali says CeCe took a big risk coming here.  CeCe says that she didn’t have a choice.  Ali asked for her help in Ravenswood.  Now CeCe needs Ali’s help.

Back in Rosewood, Officer Holbrook continues to look up information about Ezra on his computer. He realizes that Ezra Fitz is actually Ezra Fitzgerald.

At a café, Ali, Noel and CeCe meet up.  Noel hands over an envelope and tells CeCe that it’ll be okay if she does it today.  The cops are still looking in Philadelphia.  CeCe asks Ali if she is having second thoughts.  Ali says that she is not.  She’s just realizing that this might be last time she sees her.  CeCe tells Ali that they always find a way back to each other.  Noel asks CeCe and Ali if they are going to kiss. 

Ali tells CeCe that she better get going.  Ali and Cece hug and CeCe thanks Ali.  Ali says that CeCe would do the same for her.  

Aria wakes and sees that Shana is gone.  Aria asks a nurse if Ezra is out of surgery.  The nurse tells Aria that Ezra is in recovery.  Aria rushes to Ezra’s room and sees Shana standing over Ezra.  Aria asks what Shana is doing.  Shana had said that she would wake Aria up.  Shana tells Aria that Ezra is unconscious, but he is stable.

Ezra opens his eyes.  He looks like he wants to speak.  As he struggles to talk, Shana backs away.  Aria screams for help as Ezra’s monitors start beeping.  A nurse pulls Aria out of the room and a code blue is called.

Ali comes back to the theater.  Emily is awake and asks Ali where she’s been.  Ali asks Emily not to wake up the others.  Emily says that she thought they were all in this together.  Ali tells her that there are some things that they don’t need to know about.  It’s better that way.  Emily says that is not good enough answer.  Ali takes Emily by the hand and leads her somewhere else. 

Mona is speaking to a group of people.  She says that some may know each other and others may not.  She picked all of them because they all have one thing in common.  Alison DiLaurentis.  When Ali was in Rosewood, Mona wasn’t Mona.  She was Loser Mona. Mona asks Lucas what he was.  Lucas answers that he was Hermie. Mona asks Paige what she was, but Paige stays silent.  Mona says it for her, telling the room that Ali would call Paige Pigskin.  Others chime in, offering up Ali’s nicknames for them.  Pussface, newt, les and whore were some of the names.

Paige tells everyone that they weren’t those people.  That’s just what Ali called them.  It is sticks and stones.  Paige says that she’s not afraid of Ali.   

Mona suggests that Paige should be scared of Ali.  Ali isn’t even back yet and she already broke up Paige and Emily.  Mona points out that there is no way Ali will let Emily and Paige stay together.

Mona says that they all need to stick together.  There is strength in numbers.  The bigger they are, the harder Ali will fall. 

Paige doesn’t want to be a part of this.  Mona tells Paige that she can’t protect her if she isn’t with them.  Paige opens the door to walk out, but Melissa bursts in the room.  She says that they don’t have much time.  Surprised by Melissa’s entrance, Paige decides not to leave after all.

Ali explains to Emily that Ezra was paying CeCe for information.  CeCe was never red coat, but Ali asked her to wear the red coat to distract “A” so that Ali could turn off the saw when Emily was in danger in Ravenswood.  Ali tells Emily that CeCe didn’t put her in the box, “A” did. 

Emily asks why Ali helping CeCe has to be a secret.  Ali says that CeCe killed a cop and part of the reason she did that was because of Ali.  If CeCe gets busted on the plane during her escape, it will be Ali’s face on the passport.  That makes Ali an accessory.  And if her friends knew about it, that would drag them into the mess, too.

Ali tells Emily that she did so much for her already.  Ali doesn’t want her friends to have to go out on a limb for CeCe, too.  Ali will take the fall alone if she has to.

Hanna and Spencer burst in.  Hanna tells Ali that Aria is on the phone, but she can’t hear her.  Ali tells Hanna to get Aria to call the house line.  Spencer looks suspiciously at Emily and Ali.

In Rosewood, Officer Holbrook is still digging for information on Ezra Fitzgerald.  He finds out about the Fitzgerald Theater in New York and looks at the phone number of the theater. 

Over the phone Aria tries to tell her friends that Ezra made it through the surgery, but the call fails and she gets cut off.

The phone rings at the theater and Ali picks up, thinking it is Aria calling back.  Ali says hello and Officer Holbrook responds.  It is Officer Holbrook, not Aria, who called the theater.  Ali, shaken, hangs up and stares at her friends. 

Officer Holbrook calls the NYPD and tells them to go to Fitzgerald Theater.  It’s a 1020 on Alison DiLaurentis.

Aria calls the theater again, but no one picks up the phone.  Aria sees the police leave and goes back to Ezra’s room.  She holds his hand and he opens his eyes.  She tells him that he is going to be okay.  Ezra looks past her, then back at her.  Aria asks him what’s wrong. 

Emily asks Ali if she recognized the voice on the phone.  Ali says that she didn’t.  Spencer decides that they can’t wait for Ezra to tell them who “A” is.  They have to get Ali to airport.  Ali admits to her friends that she doesn’t have the passport and ticket Noel got for her. 

In his hospital bed, Ezra whispers something to Aria.  Aria looks shocked and runs out of the room.  She looks around the waiting room, but doesn’t see anyone.    

Ali explains to the girls that she gave away her get-out-of-town card to someone who needed it more than her, but she won’t say anything else.  Ali doesn’t mention CeCe.

Spencer demands that Ali either trust them or don’t trust them.  Hanna tells Ali to stop with the secrets.  She tells Ali that she was wrong before, when she said secrets would keep them together.  Emily says that they can argue in the car.

The girls run toward the stage.  The lights in the theater go out and then back on again.

Shana appears in a black hoodie, pointing a gun at Ali.  Shana says that she was the one who locked them all in the lodge the night the lodge was set on fire.  Ali was late to the party that night.  So much for fighting fire with fire.

Spencer grabs Ali’s arm and protectively steps in front of her.  Shocked, Ali says that she trusted Shana.  Shana says that Ali was the one who said the only way to trust is to not ask questions.  Then Ali sent Shana to Rosewood to ask questions.

Ali asks why Shana turned on her.  Shana says that she has so many answers from all the people Ali hurt.  Ali’s own mother was afraid of her.

Emily says that Ali made mistakes.  What makes Shana any better?  Spencer tells Shana that she is sick, like Mona was.  They can get Shana help.  Shana says that she is not Mona.  This isn’t a game.  This is justice.

Ali realizes that Shana is getting revenge on Ali for blinding Jenna.  Ali says that Shana has fallen in love with Jenna.  Shana tells Ali that she has no idea who Jenna is.  Shana reminds Ali that she called it a happy accident that Jenna got blinded. 

Ali tells Shana that Jenna doesn’t love her.  Jenna is just playing her.  Shana says that is not true.  Ali is the one who plays people.  Shana says that Jenna doesn’t know that Shana is doing this.  Once Shana handles Ali, then Jenna can get back to her life.

Aria appears behind Shana, holding the prop rifle that Hanna was playing with earlier.  Shana’s gun goes off and Aria fights with Shana.  Shana falls off the stage after Aria knocks her down. 

Emily goes down and checks on Shana.  She feels for a pulse and tells the girls that Shana is dead.

Spencer tells a shocked Aria that she did what she had to do.  Emily joins them and tells Aria that Shana would have killed all of them.  Aria says that it really is over.  Emily and Spencer hold Aria, while Hanna hugs Ali. 

Emily wants to go home, but Ali says that they can’t just leave Shana there.  Spencer calls someone and says that there has been an accident.

At the airport, CeCe is in line boarding an international flight.  Cece is welcomed onboard as Ms. Darkbloom (Vivian Darkbloom!) and she speaks French to the boarding attendant. 

The police arrive at the Fitzgerald Theater in New York and find Shana’s dead body.

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