Saturday, January 18, 2014

Questions About Love ShAck, Baby PLL Episode 4x15

In the last Pretty Little Liars episode Love ShAck, Baby, lots of questions were raised.  Where did Ezra get the recording of Ali?  Is it possible that Ali was asking him for help?  If not, who could she have been talking to?  Jason?  CeCe?  And why were all of these conversations with Ali recorded? 

Given how weird Spencer’s dad has been acting, it makes you wonder if he’s telling the truth about Toby’s mom’s death being accidental.  Who is this fragile patient that witnessed the fall?  And what is going on with him and Jessica DiLaurentis?  If he really is afraid of what she’s capable of, why would he let her into their home?  It doesn’t really seem like they are having an affair again.  Maybe they’re talking because there is some kind of issue with Jason? 

With Caleb out of the picture, it seems like Travis and Hanna might eventually be starting something.  Travis is great, but is anyone else hoping for a Hanna and Mike reunion?

The final scene has an apple on the desk, implying that Ezra hacked into the GPS to keep the girls from reaching the Busy Bee Inn.  After all, teachers like apples, right?  If it really is Ezra, how exactly would he know how to hack into a GPS?  He is an English teacher, not the computer teacher.  And would he have time to hack into the GPS?  He was pretty busy snooping in Hanna’s room and supposedly breaking into the cabin to steal Ali’s journal.  And if Ezra took the journal, that would mean that he most likely was the one who sent Emily the note about meeting at the kissing rock, since the journal thief left the bracelet in the cabin.

So many questions.  Hope we get some answers on the next episode of Pretty Little Liars.

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