Wednesday, August 9, 2017

*NSYNC Superfan Lucy Hale Cried When She Saw Justin Timberlake at the Airport

Lucy Hale, Aria on PLL, shared a cute story about the time she saw singer/actor Justin Timberlake at the airport.

Growing up, Lucy Hale was obsessed with *NSYNC. Her favorite *NSYNC member was Justin Timberlake. (Justin Timberlake is from Memphis, Tennessee, just like Lucy Hale).

When Lucy Hale was twelve years old, she saw Justin Timberlake at the airport. Lucy’s initial reaction was to go in a corner and cry.

Luckily, Lucy Hale’s mom was with her. Lucy’s mom got Justin Timberlake’s autograph for Lucy. Lucy actually still has his autograph.

Lucy Hale also talked to Jimmy Fallon about her adorable dog Elvis and the Pretty Little Liars series finale Uber ‘A’ reveal.

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