Friday, August 4, 2017

Ian Harding Recaps Entire PLL Series in a Minute

Here is Ian Harding’s one minute breakdown of all the key details of Pretty Little Liars. Impressive that he could fit all those details in 60 seconds, considering how much has happened over the seven years of Pretty Little Liars.

Ian Harding's Instagram

“Alison, the friend of Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, goes missing. They receive messages from ‘A’, who threatens to reveal their secrets. Aria dates her teacher Ezra. Mona is admitted to a mental hospital and has been helping ‘A’.

The mysterious Redcoat saves Hanna’s life, who is actually Alison. So she’s been alive, after all. Another Redcoat has unmasked as CeCe Drake.

Mona’s found ‘dead’ in a trunk and Alison and Hanna end up being arrested for her murder. The girls are kidnapped, awaken in a lair and discover that Mona is alive. They learn ‘A’s name is Charles, who is Alison’s adopted older brother. Charles is revealed to be CeCe Drake, who was sent to Radley, transitioned into Charlotte, and later became ‘A’. Charlotte’s birth mother is Mary Drake, Alison’s mom’s twin.

Five years later, Charlotte is released from the psychiatric hospital and murdered the same night. Don’t you hate when that happens? Ali marries Charlotte’s evil doctor Elliott and Hanna accidentally hits and kills him with her car! Whoopsie.

Aria and Ezra are engaged, but his ex Nicole is in the picture. Alison is pregnant. Mary Drake tells Spencer that she’s her biological mother. the girls receive an interactive board game by Uber ‘A’ and that’s what you missed on Glee Pretty Little Liars!

Love that Glee joke Ian Harding threw in there at the end!

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