Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Made Ian Harding Cry on PLL’s Last Day?

After seven years of filming Pretty Little Liars, it was hard for the cast to say goodbye to the show. Ian Harding, Ezra on PLL, isn’t a big crier. Usually he bottles his emotions. However, he did shed some tears at PLL coming to an end. Find out what made Ian Harding cry in those last moments of filming Pretty Little Liars.

Ian Harding (Ezra) cried on last day filming Pretty Little Liars show
Ian Harding's Instagram

The last day of filming Pretty Little Liars was epic because it was the last day for everyone. They wrapped filming on a Friday. Ian Harding’s scenes were shot in the morning. His last scene was with Troian Bellisario (Spencer Hastings). After his last scene, he gave a speech. He didn’t cry, though.

Ian Harding came back later that night and hung out on set for 5-6 hours while the girls were filming. The show wrapped at 2 or 3 in the morning. After they called it a wrap on Pretty Little Liars, instantly everyone was in tears. Still, Ian didn’t cry at that time.

Ian says he cried at random moments. The night before, Ian hung out with Keegan Allen (Toby). They were in Keegan’s dressing room. They spent the entirety of their 20s working on Pretty Little Liars, so they talked about the whole PLL experience.

Most of Keegan’s stuff was packed up and there were picture frames on the floor. Keegan Allen looked around the empty dressing room and said “Well, I guess that’s it”.

Hearing those words made Ian Harding start crying uncontrollably. He did the ugly cry, or as he called it, a typhoid cry. He couldn’t stop sobbing.

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