Monday, July 31, 2017

Watch Shay Mitchell’s Reality Series 'Shay Mitchell: Chapters’

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell got her own reality show. The reality series, titled Shay Mitchell: Chapters, is on Fullscreen’s subscription-video service and available on Amazon.

The Shay Mitchell: Chapters series shows an intimate look at Shay’s life. “Each episode will follow her as she navigates the next chapter of her life, showing her on-set rehearsing lines for upcoming Screen Gems horror film “Cadaver” or hanging out with her besties”, according to Variety.

Fullscreen’s subscription VOD service charges $5.99 per month. You will be able to watch Shay Mitchell: Chapters on the web or via iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets. You can also watch Shay Mitchell: Chapters on Amazon.

Here's some of the episodes of Shay Mitchell's reality show:

3. See and Be Seen / Networking Globes Parties

You won't believe the extensive preparation that Shay undergoes for a big night out at Golden Globes parties with Hollywood's elite.

4. Social Media

Go behind the carefully crafted curtain of Shay's huge social media presence and what it takes to keep it all going.

5. Shay Stripped Down with Her Friends

Every now and again, Shay needs a little time with her friends. Get to know her on her "off time," enjoying every moment with her nearest and dearest, and take a close look at all the juicy moments only Shay's closest friends can draw out.

6. Keeping It All Together

In Shay's world, there are no excuses. Get a first-hand view of the challenges she faces to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

7. What's Next

Shay reflects on everything she has accomplished and what she hopes is in store for her future.

You can watch Shay Mitchell: Chapters on Amazon.

What do you think of Shay Mitchell having her own reality show? Are you planning to watch Shay Mitchell: Chapters?

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