Monday, July 10, 2017

PLL Set Tour With Marlene King

If you never got the chance to take the Warner Bros studio tour, you might want to watch this video of PLL showrunner Marlene King giving a tour of the studio. She shows the back lot and the stages where they filmed Pretty Little Liars.

First up was Rosewood High on the Warner Brothers back lot. One of Marlene King’s favorite scenes shot there was from episode 5x05 “Miss Me x 100” (this was the one hundredth episode of PLL). It was Alison’s first day back at school and people crowded around her.

Then she went to the Rosewood police department. Marlene King’s favorite scene shot there was the Spoby kiss in PLL episode 2x25 “UnmAsked”.

You can see the entire town of Rosewood from the town center. Marlene King pointed out the church, which is next to Emily’s house. Mona’s house is right next to Emily’s. And Toby’s house was next to Mona’s before they blew it up.

Marlene also pointed out Lucky Leons Cupcakes and the Apple Rose Grille.

Marlene King showed the inside of the church. That was where Marlene King made her cameo in the series finale. Hanna’s dad almost got married in the church in episode 2x12 “Over My Dead Body” (before “A” makes Hanna stop the wedding). Marlene King loves “Over My Dead Body” because Caleb told Hanna’s mean stepsister Kate that she has back fat.

Driving past the Liars’ houses, Marlene pointed out one house that they have used for many different things. That was also the haunted house in the first Halloween special episode 2x13 “The First Secret”.

Then Marlene King drove into the Warner Brother’s jungle lot. Marlene pointed out the kissing rock with “EF + AD” written on it. After the show ended, Marlene took the rock and made it a coffee table in her office. Marlene also plans to keep the DiLaurentis mailbox.

Marlene also showed the lake. It’s dry now, but they’ve filled it up a couple times for filming. They used the lake in episode 2x15 “A Hot Piece of ‘A’”. In that episode, Hanna freaks out in the rowboat and knocks Lucas into the lake.

And of course, no Pretty Little Liars studio tour is complete without showing the Lost Woods Resort.

The Pretty Little Liars cast always hung out at The Brew between takes when they were on that particular stage.

Actress Shay Mitchell (Emily) gave a tour of her dressing room on the PLL set.

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